Creative Writing


Required Courses:  15                                                                           Credits

ONE 300-level LIT or FSS course in modern or contemporary     3 credits
literature or film and screen studies. With the English Dept.
Chair’s approval, students can choose to substitute a second
LIT 300 or FSS 300-level course for one of the four required
Creative Writing courses below:                                                        

FOUR Creative Writing courses from the following:                    12 credits
THR 208         Playwriting (3)
ENG 223C      Creative Writing: Drama (3)
ENG 223E      Creative Writing: Film Scenario (3)
ENG 307         Creative Writing:  Fiction (3)
ENG 308         Creative Writing: Poetry (3)
ENG 309         Creative Nonfiction: Memoir Writing (3)
ENG 311         Workshop in Fiction Writing (3)
ENG 312         Workshop in Poetry Writing (3)
ENG 322A      Advanced Writing: The Art of the Memoir (3)
ENG 322B      Advanced Writing Workshop: Fiction (3)
ENG 324         The Writing of Fiction (3)
ENG 326C      Topic:  Travel Writing (3)
ENG 326B      TV Scriptwriting (3)
ENG 336         Creative Writing for the Broadcast Media (3)
ENG 391         Advanced Writing:  Poetry (3)
ENG 392         Seminar in Poetry Writing (3)
ENG 396A      Creative Nonfiction (3)
ENG 396B      Screenwriting (3)

Total credits                                                                                           15 credits