Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

General Information

Mission Statement
Degree Requirements and Standards
Degree Objectives
University Core Curriculum
Second Language Proficiency Policy
Transfer Students
In-Depth Sequences
Centers, Institutes, and Special Units
Advisory Board

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Arts

  • Art History (NYC)
  • Biology (NYC, PLV)
  • Communication Arts and Journalism (PLV)
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders (NYC)
  • Communication Studies (NYC)
  • Communications (PLV)
  • Economics (NYC, PLV)
  • English (PLV)
  • English and Communications (PLV)
  • English Language and Literature (NYC)
  • Environmental Studies (NYC, PLV)
  • Film and Screen Studies (NYC, PLV)
  • History (NYC, PLV)
  • Human Services (PLV)
  • Language, Culture, and World Trade (NYC)
  • Liberal Studies (NYC, PLV)
  • Mathematics (PLV)
  • Modern Languages and Cultures (NYC)
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies (NYC)
  • Political Science (NYC, PLV)
  • Psychology (NYC, PLV)
  • Applied Psychology and Human Relations (NYC, PLV)
  • Social Science (PLV)
  • Sociology/Anthropology (NYC)
  • Women's & Gender Studies (NYC)

Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • Acting (NYC)
  • Fine Arts (pending NYS approval) (NYC, PLV)
  • Musical Theater (NYC)
  • Theater (NYC)

Bachelor of Science

  • Biochemistry (NYC, PLV)
  • Biology (NYC, PLV)
  • Business Economics (NYC)
  • Chemistry (NYC, PLV)
  • Criminal Justice (NYC, PLV)
  • Engineering*
  • Chemistry and Engineering (PLV)
  • Physics and Engineering (PLV)
  • Forensic Science (NYC)
  • Mathematics Major/Applied Concentration (NYC, PLV)
  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NYC, PLV)
  • Physician Assistant (NYC)**
  • Physics (PLV)
  • Professional Studies (NYC, PLV)

Associate in Arts

  • General Arts and Sciences (NYC, PLV)

Associate in Science

  • General Science (NYC)


Certificate Programs

Combined Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate Programs

Joint Degree Programs with Other Institutions  

Preparation for Post-Baccalaureate Studies, the Professions, and Allied Health Degree

Programs for Adult Students

Special Academic Programs