Spanish, BA


Our BA in Spanish translates to a marketable skill in today’s global economy.

Do you want a competitive edge in just about any field? Then become fluent in Spanish, the official language of 21 countries, and the second-most spoken language in the United States. Pace’s BA in Spanish will prepare you for graduate school in foreign language or for employment in fields that require bilingual skills, such as travel and tourism, media and entertainment, teaching in the public and private sectors, government agencies, and law. The program includes advanced courses in literature and culture from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America, as well as skill courses in writing and communicating for the professions and research.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to study abroad in a short or long-term program in order to experience the language and culture on a personal level.

An opportunity to enroll in an accelerated dual-degree program, BA Spanish/MS Publishing or BA Spanish/MST Adolescents, is available to qualified majors.