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Institutional Assessment

The Office of Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research coordinates, facilitates, and administers several University-wide assessment instruments.

If you have come here for general information about assessment, Welcome! Our questions and answers about assessment and links to other sites should be useful. The big idea is that assessment relates to garnering trustworthy evidence about how well a program, a major, an administrative unit, or the University as a whole is accomplishing the various things that it claims to do. For instance, how well is the Core Curriculum fulfilling its intended objectives, and how well is a particular major equipping students with the skills required for professional success? Relative to the Core and speaking hypothetically, data on outcomes could show that we're doing well with writing skills but less well with quantitative reasoning. As a result, we'd look for ways to improve on the latter without, of course, jeopardizing the former. Assessment is all about the effective and efficient accomplishment of organizational objectives.

If you have come here to learn about assessment at Pace University, Welcome! Here you will be able to find the Pace University Plan for Continuous Improvement (the University's assessment plan); information about the various ongoing University assessments activities (e.g. the National Survey on Student Engagement - NSSE); assessment plans that were created and are being followed by various units, schools, departments, and programs, and our report for professionals and interested citizens on how self-assessment is working at Pace, “A Blueprint for Campus Accountability: Lessons from the Pace University Experience." Each division of the University is responsible for its assessment, and these responsibilities are spelled out in the concluding section of the Pace University Plan for Continuous Improvement titled "Assessment Plan Procedures."

If you have come here for guidance in formulating an assessment plan, Welcome! We hope that materials and models available here are sufficient to fulfill your needs. Please know that the individual members of the Assessment Committee are available for consultation and that a wealth of specialized material and help is available from OPAIR, the Office of Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research (telephone 914 923-2633).