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Fall Orientation

What is it?

The information you provide on the Course Selection Questionnaire will help your adviser to create your first semester schedule. In the questionnaire, you will indicate your Learning Community preferences, your Areas of Interest, and any language or college credits you may have earned through Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Think carefully about the information you provide. To ensure the best selection of courses, please submit your questionnaire as soon as possible, and no later than Thursday, June 1, 2017 (or within 10 days of receiving the Pre-Registration Instruction and Advising Guide, whichever is later).

How do I complete it?

We recommend completing your Course Selection Questionnaire through the online Orientation Registration System. If you prefer to submit a paper version, please visit our register by mail web page after reading the information below.
Before completing the Course Selection Questionnaire, it is important that you read pages 1-2 of the Advising Guide [NEED NEW PDF] you received in the mail. Detailed descriptions of the Learning Communities being offered in the fall semester can be found in the Learning Communities Course Supplements provided below.  Please be sure to select the appropriate supplement for your campus.
  • Learning Communities Supplement - New York City Campus [NEED NEW PDF]
  • Learning Communities Supplement - Westchester Campus [NEED NEW PDF]