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Fall Orientation

The online Orientation Registration System will provide you with an opportunity to sign-up family members that will be attending Orientation with you. If you prefer, you may also register by mail.

Family members with students attending the New York City Campus

In addition to our New Student Orientation, as many as two family members are invited to attend the NYC Family Orientation Program on Day One. (Overnight orientation is restricted to students). This program helps family members understand the first-year college experience so they can provide support for their student. At Family Orientation, family members will have the opportunity to meet staff and faculty members. The program is designed to address issues such as: meeting academic expectations, financing a college education, navigating the university system, and adjusting to college life.
Families wishing to attend should confirm on the Orientation Response Form, online through the registration system or by mail, and pay the nonrefundable fee of $40 per family member. Overnight orientation is restricted to the members of the new student orientation class of Pace students. View a list of local hotels for family members wishing to stay in the area overnight.
Family Orientation takes place from 9:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. (Family members will check in with students by 8:30 a.m.).
Activities include:
  • Continental breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Transitions with the Counseling Center
  • Campus tour
  • Student Success Presentation
  • Interactive sessions with Financial Aid, Office of Student Assistance, and Pace administrators
  • A panel of current students discussing their experiences at Pace
  • Discussion with the Dean of Students about adjusting to college life
  • Opportunities to explore the surrounding neighborhood

View the NYC Family Orientation Schedule

Family members with students attending the Westchester Campus

Family Orientation Program:
Parents, siblings, and extended family members play a vital role in a student's transition to the Pace community. This transition can be both exciting and challenging for the entire family, thus we offer an Orientation for parents and family members concurrent with the Student Orientation. The Family Program and New Student Orientation are two distinct programs. Although you will meet the same people, the programs for parents and families are geared toward their needs. There is an on-campus (University accommodations) and off-campus (independent accommodations) option for this program. View a list of local hotels for family members wishing to stay in the area overnight.

Parents and family members will have the opportunity to meet with faculty, academic advisers, the Dean for Students, and other integral members of the Pace Community. Sessions will be both informative and entertaining, providing opportunities for individual attention, quality service, and peace of mind!
Non-refundable fee: $125 per person to stay on campus (University accommodations); $75 per person to stay off-campus (independent accommodations).
View the Westchester Family Orientation Schedule (for July Orientation Sessions)
View the Westchester Family Orientation Schedule (for August Orientation Session)
Youth and Sibling Program:
This youth-centered program combines fun and educational activities for the younger members of your family, including the Nature Center, outdoor facilities, swimming, crafts, movies and more. Participants join families for meals, the boat cruise, and entertainment. Our Youth Program is a great way to introduce the younger siblings at home to Pace and make Orientation a full family experience. All youths under 18 must have a guardian in attendance at Orientation.
Non-refundable fee: $50 per sibling to stay on campus (University accommodations); $30 per sibling (off-campus accommodations).