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Fall Orientation

An important part of your summer Orientation at Pace is making sure you are taking the right courses. Pace uses placement tests administered online prior to Orientation to make sure you take the classes that are right for you. Because these tests help to determine which English, Math, or Modern Language courses you may be enrolled in during your first year, it is important for you take them seriously and do your best on them.

Read carefully below to see which of our online placement tests you should take prior to arriving for Orientation. Placement tests will open online towards the middle of May. Please make sure that you take the placement tests for the campus you will be attending.


All students take an English placement test that requires them to write an essay. Students will be evaluated on their ability to organize and develop ideas, to sustain an argument, and to use correct spelling and grammar. Students may place out of ENG 110, which starts the core course of English study, after evaluation of appropriate transfer credit or AP credit, writing sample, and verbal SAT scores by the English department on each campus.
Pforzheimer Honors College Students will be evaluated in collaboration with the college directors on each campus. New York City Honors College students should consult with Dr. Offutt before taking their online writing exam. 
All incoming freshmen must take their English test online prior to attending Orientation. For dates and details, visit the Center for Academic Excellence Placement Testing page. 


All students will take a mathematics placement test online prior to Orientation to determine the appropriate mathematics course to take in their first semester. Questions range from word problems to trigonometry and pre-calculus problems. Students may use calculators. Even if you have pending AP credit or college transfer credits, please take the exam. Mathematics placement will be reevaluated upon receipt of official AP scores or appropriate college transcripts. 
A sample placement test with problems and answers can be found at the Center for Academic Excellence Placement Testing page. You can use this to help prepare yourself for the mathematics placement test. 
All incoming freshmen must take their Math test online prior to attending Orientation. For dates and details, visit the Center for Academic Excellence Placement Testing page. 

Modern Languages

All students with two or more years of high school study in Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, or Spanish, who plan to continue their study of the same language in either fall or spring semester of their first year must take an online placement exam prior to Orientation to determine the appropriate level of college study. (Test scores remain valid for one year.) All students with less than two years of high school study in a language will automatically be placed in the 101-level course in their chosen language.
The modern language placement exam is available online and students should take it by June 1 (or within 10 business days of receiving their packet, whichever is later). For further information about this exam, please visit the Center for Academic Excellence Placement Testing page.
All Pace students should be aware that if they demonstrate proficiency in a second language by taking the SAT II exam prior to enrollment, they will be exempt from having to take a foreign language course as part of their Core Curriculum requirement. Students who qualify for this exemption will not be granted college credit. Also, international students who have graduated from a high school where English is not the language of instruction are exempt from the second language requirement.

Accommodated Placement Testing

If you have a disability that requires accommodations for the placement tests, please contact the Counseling Center at 212-346-1526 (NYC campus) or 914-773-3710 (Westchester campus). The Counseling Center requires two weeks to evaluate your request. A licensed professional will need to provide The Counseling Center with documentation of your disability and recommended accommodations. The information you provide and your records at the Counseling Center are confidential.

College Credit and Advanced Placement Course Equivalency

If you have taken college courses for credit or have participated in a dual enrollment or Bridge program, please be sure to have all official college transcripts forwarded to the Office of Undergraduate Admission for evaluation. Prior credit will only be evaluated once your official transcript has been received.  A minimum score of 4 is required on all AP exams with the exception of the Computer Science A and Computer Science AB exams; a score of 3 or above is acceptable for these. Please have all official AP results sent to the appropriate Admission Office

Contact Information:
If you have questions or concerns regarding placement testing, please call the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) at your campus:

Westchester Campus
Center for Academic Excellence
(914) 773-3434
New York City Campus
Center for Academic Excellence
(212) 346-1386