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Fall Orientation

We are excited that you’ll be joining our community for the Fall 2015 semester. Here is what you need to get started at Pace University:

Dates for Orientation:

  • June 12
  • July 14
  • August 5
  • August 25

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Signing up for Orientation and Placement Testing Information

1. The easiest way to sign-up for Orientation is through our online Orientation Registration System. You’ll also have an opportunity to indicate which of your family members plan to attend orientation with you.
2. Before entering the Orientation Registration System, please read the Placement Testing information below. 

In order to ensure that students transferring to Pace University begin their coursework at the appropriate level, we administer placement tests in writing, math, and certain modern languages. If you are required to take a placement test, you will receive a letter from the Office of Undergraduate Admission.


Students who have not yet earned a "C" or better in a college composition course are required to take the writing placement test. The exam requires students to write one essay. Students will be placed according to their ability to develop and organize ideas, sustain an argument, and use correct spelling and grammar. Students needing a writing test are required to take our online remote access writing placement test prior to their orientation. For futher directions, access our New York City writing placement exam.

Students who, at their previous institution, earned a grade of "C" or better in the equivalent first-semester college composition course are exempt from taking the writing placement test and will be placed into ENG 120, the second required composition course at Pace. Students who have earned a "C" or better for two semesters of college composition (the equivalent of ENG 110 and ENG 120) are also exempt from taking the writing placement test and will be required to complete ENG 201: Writing in the Disciplines.


Students who have not earned a "C" or better in college-level algebra or a more advanced math course are required to take the math placement test. Questions on the exam range from word problems to trigonometry and pre-calculus.  
A sample math placement test with problems and answers can be found at the Center for Academic Excellence Placement Testing page. 
Students needing a placement test in math should call or email the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) to sign-up for the placement test session immediately preceding the Orientation date you have selected. Please contact the Center for Academic Excellence at 212-346-1386 (NYC Campus) or e-mail

Modern Languages

Transfer students with two or more years of high school study in Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, or Italian who are NOT transferring in college credit for any of those languages and who wish to resume their study of the SAME language in the coming semester will need to take a Modern Languages Placement Exam to ensure placement at the appropriate level. This is a short (about 15-20 minutes) online exam that scores immediately. If you think that this will apply to you, or you would like additional information, please contact the Center for Academic Excellence at the number listed below. Students who graduated from a high school where English is not the language of instruction are exempt from the modern language requirement.
For further information about this exam, please visit the Center for Academic Exellence Placement Testing page. Please contact the Center for Academic Excellence at 212-346-1386 (NYC Campus) or e-mail

Accommodated Placement Testing

If you have a disability that requires accommodations for placement tests, please contact the Counseling Center for your campus. A licensed professional counselor will need to provide the Counseling Center with documentation of your disability and a recommendation of what accommodations are needed. Counseling Services requires two weeks to evaluate your request. The information you provide and your records at the Counseling Center are confidential.
If you have any questions regarding Placement Testing or are having difficulty accessing the Orientation Registration System, please contact the Center for Academic Excellence at 212-346-1386 (NYC Campus) or e-mail