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iPace Online Degree Completion Program

The total number of credits required to complete the degree is 120. Pace will transfer up to 68 credits from an Associate degree program. The Nursing portion of the curriculum will be up to 30 credits and the remaining credits will be arts and sciences courses.
Option 1: Fall Entry- completion in 2 years*
Option 2: Spring Entry- completion in 15 months*
*When all Liberal Arts credits are close to completion.
Required Nursing Classes (21 credits)
NURS 481  Core Competencies for Multidimensional Care (3)
NURS 482  Evidence-based Practice for Healthy Aging (3)
NURS 483  Cultural Mindfulness (3)
NURS 486  Population Health in the Global Environment (3)
NURS 485  Innovation and the Art of Leadership and Management (3)
NURS 484  Improving the Health of a Population: Nursing's role in Advocacy, Policy, and Politics (3)
NURS 498  Spirit of Inquiry: Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice (3)
Arts & Sciences Electives (up to 26 credits based on number of transfer credits accepted)
These electives are not proscribed, and can be selected by the student with advisement.
Strongly recommended: PHI 115  Ethics (3)
Nursing Electives (9 credits)
Electives courses to be identified on a semester basis.
Nursing Elective Options
  • RNs with a CQPA of 3.0 or better may elect to take up to 9 credits at the graduate level. These credits will be double- counted for the BS and the MS or MA degrees
  • Graduate courses that may be taken for elective credit are:
    • NURS 681 Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nurses
    • NURS 801 Underpinnings of Advanced Nursing
    • NURS 802 Leadership for Advanced Nursing
    • NURS 803 Advanced Nursing in Primary Health Care
  • RNs with a CQPA of 3.0 or better may elect to take an independent study for 1 or more credits
Academic Pre- or Co-Requisites
Completion of these courses or their equivalent at another accredited institution must have occurred prior to entering the program, or must be achieved during the program.  In the latter case, these will be credits taken in addition to the proscribed Nursing degree curriculum.
Competency in these courses is demonstrated by a grade of C or above.  Competency can also be demonstrated though CLEP or Pace Experiential Learning.  For more information, please speak to an iPace Admission counselor.
  • ENG 110 or 120 
  • PSY Intro
  • BIO 152 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 153 Anatomy & Physiology II
  • MAT or PSY Statistics
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