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iPace Online Degree Completion Program

Which of my courses will transfer?

  • Courses completed with a grade of C or higher are eligible for transfer credit if they satisfy course work requirements for your major and degree at Pace.
  • A maximum of 68 credits may be transferred from two-year institutions. The BBA in Business Studies allows a maximum of 64 transfer credits from two-year institutions.
    • Additional credit from four-year institutions may be considered for transfer if they satisfy iPace major requirements for a maximum transfer allowance of 90 credits. The BBA in Business Studies allows a maximum of 75 transfer credits.
  • Some credit may not be accepted if earned over fifteen years ago.
  • Students can also earn the required 56-68 credits through a combination of college credits, Pace Experiential Learning credits, and CLEP exams.
  • Students with less than 56 credits should apply for admission to the iPace Associates degree in General Arts and Sciences, a 100% online degree providing students with the necessary prerequisite courses necessary to gain admission into the iPace Bachelor degree programs.
  • Watch this screencast to learn more about how iPace Admission evaluates your transfer credits for acceptance to the iPace program 

Sources of transfer credit:

  • Institutions accredited by a regional affiliate of the Commission of Higher Education (e.g. The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools);
  • Institutions that have entered into transfer credit articulation agreements with Pace University;
  • Other institutions, with the approval of the appropriate chairpersons and dean;
  • Results of acceptable performance on standardized proficiency examinations.

How does the Course Evaluation Process work?

The iPace Admission Committee will collaborate with the chairperson of each academic department to review your transcripts and evaluate which courses meet the above requirements for credit. This evaluation process typically takes 2-3 weeks.
Occasionally, course descriptions and course syllabi are required. If so, this will be noted on the Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) sheet that you will receive once admitted. (Note: Course descriptions will be required for all courses completed outside of the United States.) You should provide these documents as soon as possible to expedite the course evaluation process.
If additional courses are completed after admission, these will also be considered for credit upon submission of an updated transcript. Should additional credit be awarded, you will receive an updated Transfer Credit Evaluation Worksheet.
  • To see what a copy of a Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) looks like, click here.
  • To see which credits from previous institutions may be accepted for transfer credit, please use our Transfer Credit Equivalencies web tool. Please note: courses not found in this database may be transferable once an evaluation of the course descriptions and/or syllabi is completed upon a student's application and admission to the University.