Rosana Rosado

Rossana Rosado

The publisher and CEO of New York’s largest and oldest Spanish-language newspaper El Diario La Prensa for 10 years, Rossana Rosado is one of the most remarkable voices for New York’s Latino community.
Rosado began at Pace as an English major but, curious by nature, she soon switched her major to journalism, finding a great passion for the going out, researching, and writing that the field entails.
Rosado, the first in her extended family to attend college, recalls her first day in Robert Klaeger’s broadcast journalism class.  Klaeger, who is still a media and communication arts professor at Pace, had a contact at CBS that would provide one lucky Pace student with a great opportunity.
“He started the semester by saying ‘one of you will get this prize internship at CBS,’ and he would pick out students to interview for the position,” Rosado recalls.
Rosado was one of the students selected to interview for the position. Following the interview, Klaeger called her into his office to discuss the interview.
 “He said ‘I don’t know what you said, but you got the internship,” Rosado said. “And it was through the internship that I met the people who would give me my first few jobs after college.”
Following her internship at CBS, Rosado was given a full-time desk assistant position for WCBS-AM while she was still a student.
 “I worked at the municipal building for the station and then I crossed the street to Pace downtown to take my classes,” Rosado said.
After graduating from Pace in 1983 with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, Rosado went on to work as a city hall reporter for El Diario.
In 1988, Rosado joined channel 11’s WPIX-TV as a public affairs programming producer, where she not only became sole producer of daily program “Best Talk in Town,” but also won an Emmy for her public service campaign “Care for Kids.”
In 1995, she rejoined El Diario La Prensa where she spent four years as the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, before being promoted to CEO and publisher, the position she currently holds. She is the first woman to hold this position and works hard to address diversity and leadership in the community daily.
During her career in TV and print journalism, Rosado has been honored with many awards including a Peabody Award, an Emmy,  the New York State Broadcaster’s Award, NY Women’s Agenda’s STAR Award, and the Folio Award.