Mortola Heritage Society Advisory Board

The Planned Giving Advisory Board (“the Board”) is comprised of a select group of alumni and friends who have demonstrated a supportive commitment to Pace University and whose expertise and experience are suited to assist the Office of Philanthropy in an advisory capacity.

Volunteers who serve on the Board are professionals from fields of law, insurance, accounting, real estate, financial planning, and marketing who have particular expertise and interest in charitable tax law and planned giving.  Board members serve two-year terms, and may be invited to serve additional one-year terms by mutual consent.

The Planned Giving Advisory Board is responsible for assisting and advising the Office of Philanthropy in all aspects of its planned giving program, including:

  • Offering insights and expertise as well as analyzing the impact of current and future trends in economics and tax law on charitable giving;
  • Serving as a resource for various opportunities to educate staff, faculty, alumni, and fellow professionals on relevant topics;
  • Reviewing particular proposed gifts and developing marketing strategies.