March 2014

2014 Teaching Excellence Award for Part-Time Faculty

In November 2013, the Office of the Provost and the Union of Adjunct Faculty at Pace jointly announced the creation of a new “Teaching Excellence Award for Part-Time Faculty”.   Part-time faculty play a critical role in providing high quality teaching to Pace students, and the award was designed to recognize the very best part-time faculty and to convey our appreciation.

Provost  Sukhatme appointed a committee of tenured/tenure-track and part-time faculty in accordance with the award guidelines, and is pleased to report that the committee has selected two award winners from a strong pool of nominations.

The 2014 recipients of the Teaching Excellence Award for Part-Time Faculty are:

Robin Tewes, Art Department, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, New York City. Robin is an internationally renowned artist who has been very successful in integrating her exceptional  professional expertise into the classroom experience.

Joan Kass, School of Education, Pleasantville. Joan is a Pace graduate who has participated in numerous important curricular projects and takes pride in getting to know each student in her class on an individual basis. 

Please join us in congratulating Robin Tewes and Joan Kass for this teaching award recognition! Each recipient will be recognized at the annual Faculty Institute luncheon on Thursday, May 15 and a commencement ceremony with $500 and an award certificate.

The members of the selection committee are:

Dr. William Flank, Chemistry, Pleasantville

Dr. Connie Knapp, Seidenberg

Professor Peter Sperling, Finance,  New York

Dr. James Stenerson, CTLT

Dr. Ama Wattley, English, Pleasantville

Dr. Adelia Williams, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs


March 2013

Thinkfinity (Verizon) Sponsored Grants ($3,500 stipends and up to $10,000 in equipment) from a one-time pool of up to $220,000 is being considered for faculty proposals on STEM, MOOCS, Hybrid curricular development and learning outcome assessment. To read about the process and apply please visit

The Pace Library Digital Commons/Digital Repository have been accessed 1,759,613 times (full text access), 629,712 times alone for last year. There are about 4,087 papers to date. This is an ideal site for upload of scholarly and community works and exchanges of novel ideas. Even after a manuscript is published in external journals, its excerpts and link could be uploaded as well. Master’s theses and doctoral dissertations are two other examples to post.

A 50/50 travel match of up to $600 per adjunct faculty per annum is considered for presenting/attending scholarly conferences in the region or the nation. The aim is to enrich students’ teaching/scholarly experience through enhancing pedagogy, integration of instructional technology, contents and learning outcome assessment.

The APAA establishes regular presence on WESTCHESTER CAMPUS, of the Office Academic Affairs in Mortola Library’s second floor and in Kessel 201 (the campus center). Academic resource support, faculty development are particularly the areas of focus for this office.

February 2013

$120K, allocated by the Student Tech Fee Comm., will be used to install the state-of-the-art audio-sound system in Goldstein Athletic Center; the project is expected to be completed by the summer 2013.  The new sound system will ultimately be complemented with a gamut of giant video and large flat screens and synchronized light system, presumably through securing external sponsorships. The current audio system would soon be moved to Willcox Gymnasium.  

A reorganizational move, congruent with current strategic implementation, was completed in the library system thereby yielding in streamlined [more user friendly] services, higher efficient and several hundred thousand dollars savings. Capital improvements for creating for students hip social, reading and ideas exchanging ambiance in each library is provisioned.

The new website launched for the Office of Associate Provost for academic Affair (, recolonized for its rich informal resources, has received wide positive reviews and constructive feedbacks.