Become an ASPIRE Shining Star

Students and student organizations can achieve “Shining Star” status by participating in at least 3 of the following volunteer recruitment activities throughout the year and accumulating volunteer hours.

  • Saturday Information Sessions – showcase your organization and greet prospective students as they are introduced to Pace University on certain Saturday mornings
    [4 hours]
  • Aspire to Succeed – take a high school senior to visit one of your classes in October [4 hours]
  • Open House (Sunday, November 16) – help guide high school seniors and their families around campus [4 to 8 hours]
  • Adopt-a-Pace Setter – email new students and help them adjust to new surroundings before the Spring semester [4 hours]
  • Home for the Holidays – return to your high school during winter break and drop off a packet of information about Pace University to the Guidance Office [4 hours]
  • Pace Preview Weekend (3/8/09 and 4/5/09) – host newly admitted students overnight in the residence halls in the spring [4 to 16 hours]

All participating clubs will be recognized at the close of the Spring semester, but the top three student organizations with the most volunteer hours will receive special acknowledgement that includes:

  • Customized t-shirts for each ASPIRE volunteer or 24 members (whichever number is greater) with the organization’s name on front and the Pace University logo and ASPIRE on the back. (Your leadership picks the colors and sizes.)
  • Your club’s name engraved in the ASPIRE Shining Star plaque to be on public display throughout the year
  • An award plaque presented to your president or CEO
  • An official letter of commendation from Pace University