Talent Scouting

Help Put Someone on the Path to Greatness

Talent Scouting
Talent scouting is an ongoing activity of keeping your eyes and ears open for opportunities to match high school students in your neighborhood to Pace University. 

Do you know a high school student who wants to study education, political science, business, or one of the many programs Pace offers?  Why not send them a note card introducing yourself as an alumni representative and recommend that they look into Pace?  Local papers often feature high achieving students who have been noticed for their academic, civic, athletic, or creative accomplishments.  Sending them a congratulatory note (always introduce yourself as an alumni representative) and suggesting that they consider Pace in their college search may entice them to seek more information and request an application.

Gift of Knowledge
As a member of Pace’s alumni, you can help a talented high school student take the first step toward enrollment at Pace by sending him or her a Gift of Knowledge certificate, which waives the application fee for students nominated by alumni.  If you would like to nominate a student, email aspire@pace.edu and request a Gift of Knowledge.  Please include your mailing address.