On-Campus Recruiting

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Campus recruiting at Pace is easy!  Take advantage of your opportunity to gain early access to graduating bachelor and master’s level students majoring in a variety of fields. Our students are highly-qualified and eager to interview with you!  You can also recruit matriculating candidates for your winter or summer internships.

Fall Semester begins September 6th, 2017

On campus presentations: We recommend scheduling your interviews between October 2nd – November 17th in order to allow students time to acclimate to the Fall semester and to minimize interference with finals and holiday closings.

Fall 2017 Blackout Dates:

  • September 26th, 2017 - NYC Career Fair
  • October 11th, 2017- PLV Career Fair 
  • November 2nd, 2017 - Nonprofit and Government Career Meetup
  • November 22nd-26th 2017 – Thanksgiving break

*Additional Blackout Dates apply based on programming schedule per each campus 

How does OCR work?

1. Submit a request for an interview date through Handshake or by contacting Career Services directly.

2. Positions are posted for free on Handshake (typically 6 – 8 weeks before the Interview Date).

3. Students review positions and apply online. Applications are sent to you via Handshake at the end of the application period (typically 2 weeks prior to the Interview Date).

4. You then “pre-select” the candidates you wish to interview and send us your selections as well as scheduling preferences (7-10 days prior to interviews).

5. Selected students sign-up for interview slots.

6. The completed schedule is sent to you no later than one business day prior to the interview date.

7. Your team interviews candidates at Pace University using our interview rooms.

Participating employers must comply with the following:

  • Must fully disclose the salary, training allowance, incentive programs.
  • Employers offering commission jobs and third party recruiters may not participate in our Campus Recruiting Program.
  • Employers may participate in on-campus interviews when recruiting for internships and full time, salaried positions only. 

Employer Site Interviews

We post your job descriptions on our website for students to view and apply for interviews.  You receive resumes as students apply, up to the pre-arranged application deadline date.  If you prefer, we email all resumes in one bundle following your resume drop date.  You directly contact the candidates of your choice and arrange interviews at your location.  We request that you let us know who you have interviewed and/or offered positions.

Guidelines for Employment Offers

  • Career Services asks that employers recruiting our students be flexible, reasonable, and communicative throughout the interview process.
  • We advise our students to openly discuss their offers and decision-making with their counselor and employers as necessary.
  • We expect that employers will honor all offers made and place no pressure or conditions on our students regarding acceptances.
  • In order to establish a fair and competitive recruiting environment for both students and employers, Pace recommends the following guidelines regarding employment offers and dates for final decisions:

Fall Semester

October 10th Any full-time job offers extended to students prior to the start of fall recruiting (including offers to summer interns) we request that you give that student until October 10th to make a decision.

December 1st  Any full-time job offers extended to students during the fall recruiting period, we request that you give students until December 1st to make a decision.  

Spring Semester

March 30th For all spring on campus interviews we request that you give students until March 30th to make a decision.  Interviews conducted after March 30th should allow students 2 weeks to decide.

For further information, please contact:

Alexandra Aviles (New York Campus) 212-346-1950 or email aaviles@pace.edu

Tori Quaranta (Westchester Campus) 914-773-3415 or email vquaranta@pace.edu