Career Fairs

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Spring 2017 Job & Internship Fairs 


Pleasantville Campus    

Wednesday, March 29th 2017  
Goldstein Fitness Center | 11am-2pm  
 Register now and see a list of participating employers: 

Important Reminders:

  • Bring several copies of your resume
  • Professional attire required
  • Network with employers in your field
  • Career Services is here to help you maximize your time at the fair!

Get Ready!

Need a resume? 30-second pitch? Want to learn how to come to the fair prepared? Attend our Career Fair Workshops, visit us during our Express Hours and read our tips!

Career Fair Tips 


  • Update your resume and make lots of copies.  Be sure to have enough to last throughout the day; obtain a notebook or portfolio to write your notes in and put business cards
  • Plan a strategy! Get the list of participating employers. Research the organizations and decide which ones interest you ahead of time. You'll want to use your time effectively.
  • Dress professionally.  Select your business attire or business casual, but dress for success!
  • Practice your one-minute personal introduction! Get ready to introduce yourself to lots of employers. Plan what you want to say about yourself briefly and practice a few basic questions you want to ask them.


  • Approach employers with confidence!  Break the ice with some employers who are of less interest to you.  Now is not the time to be shy.  Take the initiative and introduce yourself.  Shake the recruiters hand, establish eye contact and smile!  State your "one-minute introduction" and ask them about the career opportunities they are offering.  This is your chance to get valuable information about their organization.  Pick up literature and collect business cards.
  • Allow plenty of time!  Don't be in a hurry.  You may have to wait to speak with many employers.
  • Be polite and wait for other students to finish talking before you begin introducing yourself.  Don't monopolize the recruiter's time; other students are waiting to speak with them.
  • Ask what the next step in the process is what you should do.
  • Make notes after speaking with representatives so you can refer to them in later communications.


  • Send a follow-up letter within a week of the event.  This should be a formal, typed business letter reminding the recruiter that you met at the fair and thanking them for the opportunity to discuss their organization with you.  Include another copy of your resume.