Economics and Mathematics

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Career/Job Resources

Bank Jobs -Bank Jobs is an online job board for careers in the banking industry.

Econ-Jobs -An online job search website with positions across the globe as well as information about upcoming economics related events and programs.

eFinancialCareers -An online job search board for individuals looking for positions in all areas of finance and economics.


Professional Organizations

American Economic Association
Over 100 years old, this professional organization works to promote economic research, publish economic resources, and endorse economic discussion.  The website contains a number of resources for individuals interested in economics including job postings, links to economics journals, and information about networking/professional development events.

National Association for Business Economics
The National Association For Business Economics is a professional organization for individuals interested in utilizing economics in business settings.  They provide resources such as professional development/networking events, educational/certification programs, job postings, and scholarly publications to their members.

National Economics Association
This professional organization focuses on promoting opportunities for minorities in the field of economics.  On their website is information about upcoming annual events, current research publications, and job postings, among other resources.

World Economics Association
The World Economics Association is a fairly new professional organization that focuses on international economics and the international economics community.  The organization publishes scholarly journals, holds professional development/networking programs, and information about recently news related to economics.



Career/Job Resources

MathJobs- The American Mathematical Society runs this job board with postings for many different jobs within the mathematics field.

Math for America-Great website with information about Math for America’s programs and job opportunities for individuals interesting in teaching mathematics to children and adolescents

Math Classifieds -This is a job posting board run by the Mathematical Association of America.

National Science Foundation - Mathematical Research Opportunities
This website lists the different REU sites in the US for mathematical resource opportunities.

Professional Organizations

American Mathematical Society -A professional organization that offers its members professional development and networking events, a job board, information about the field of mathematics, and programs specifically designed for students.

American Statistical Association -The website for this professional organization includes information for individuals interested in working as a statistician.  This site includes job listings and a job search engine in industry and academics

Mathematical Association of America -The Mathematical Association of America is a professional organization for individuals interested in a career in mathematics.  The organization offers publications, holds professional/networking programs, provides career advice for students and professionals, and runs a separate job search board.