Employer Recruiting Policies

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Pace University Career Services is eager to assist employers interact with our students to inform and interest them in career and internship opportunities. We offer assistance to employers and individuals in accordance with the Principles of Professional Conduct for Career Services Professionals outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Likewise, Pace University Career Services expects that employers act in accordance with the Principles of Professional Conduct for Employment Professionals outlined by NACE. These principles guide our policy for all university recruiting activities. 

In addition, employers recruiting at Pace must meet these criteria in order to participate:

  • Clearly indicate the employing organization name
  • Not solicit or sell their products during the course of recruiting
  • Not require prospective employees to purchase products/services contingent upon their employment
  • Are not based on a “pyramid” or “multi-level” type networking structure requiring or encouraging the recruitment of others who recruit others, etc. to sell products or services
  • Not post positions in private homes
  • Fully disclose the structure of their compensation packages and business costs incurred through their first year of employment
  • Offer bona fide professional positions that do not require the candidate to pay a fee for training, equipment, application procedures or other job-related expenses.

The Pace University Career Services staff reserves the right to deny access to recruiting services to any employer at any time. Based on student and alumni feedback, Pace Career Services is no longer posting commissioned sales positions on its recruiting database.  We wish you much success in meeting your hiring needs.  Best, Career Services Employer Relations

Nondiscrimination Policy

  • Employer representatives recruiting Pace University students are to comply with the university’s policy on non-discrimination:

    In compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and other federal, state, and local laws Pace University is committed to achieving full equal opportunity in all aspects of University life. Pursuant to this commitment, the University does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, ethnicity, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or veteran status, Employers recruiting students at Pace University through the office of Career Services should adhere to these policies and practices. The Title IX Coordinator/Affirmative Action Officer is A. Lisa Miles. She can be reached at (212) 346-1310, amiles@pace.edu ; and her office is located at 163 William St., 10th Floor, Room 1017, New York, New York 10038.  Inquiries concerning the application of Title IX and implementing regulations, as well as inquiries concerning the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, may be referred to the Title IX Coordinator\Affirmative Action Officer or Assistant Secretary for Office for Civil Rights www.ed.gov/ocr.

Third Party/ Contract Recruiters
Third parties (employment agencies and search firms) may list openings online on a limited basis; however, they may not recruit on-campus, or attend general career fairs. They may participate in the Experienced Professionals Career Fair held annually on our NYC campus and comply with the following guidelines:

  • Charge no fees to the candidate
  • Recruit for positions that are not salary draw or 100% commission

Internship positions listed must be professional opportunities rather than business opportunities. And may NOT include the following characteristics:

  • Require students to provide their own personal computer, cell phone, camera, or any other personal equipment
  • Work from home in a “virtual” office location with the student telecommuting.  Interns are expected to be working in a professional office environment
  • Require students to make initial investment or purchase of products
  • Require students to work in a private residence or non-commercial setting
  • Require students to work without direct supervision on a regular basis
  • Require students to spend more than 25% of their time cold-calling
  • Commission-based only positions are not considered internships.

For more information on what employers need to know about internships, see Federal Internship Guidelines (FLSA).

Campus Recruiting Program
Participating employers must comply with the following:

  • Must fully disclose the salary, training allowance, incentive programs, commission structure
  • Employers offering commission jobs may participate in careers fairs and job postings online but not in our Campus Recruiting Program
  • Employers may participate in on-campus interviews when recruiting for salaried positions only. 
  • Third Party Recruiters/Contract Recruiters may list openings however, they may not participate in on-campus interviewing.

Guidelines for Employment Offers

  • Career Services asks that employers recruiting our students be flexible, reasonable, and communicative throughout the interview process.
  • We advise our students to openly discuss their offers and decision-making with their counselor and employers as necessary. 
  • We expect that employers will honor all offers made and place no pressure or conditions on our students regarding acceptances.
  • In order to establish a fair and competitive recruiting environment for both students and employers, Pace recommends the following guidelines regarding employment offers and dates for final decisions:
Fall Semester Spring Semester

October 1st:  Any full-time job offers extended to students prior to the start of fall recruiting (including offers to summer interns) we request that you give that student until October 1st to make a decision.

March 30th: For all spring on campus interviews we request that you give students until March 30th to make a decision.  Interviews conducted after March 30th should allow students 2 weeks to decide.
 December 1st:  Any full-time job offers extended to students during the fall recruiting period, we request that you give students until December 1st to make a decision.  

For specific information or with any questions, please contact:
Ms. Helene Cruz (New York Campus) 212-346-1950 or email hcruz@pace.edu
Ms. Susan Zankel (Westchester Campuses) 914-773-3361 or email szankel@pace.edu