Employer Spotlights

Fall 2015 Employer Spotlights

The Employer Spotlight is an opportunity for employers with internships and entry level positions to meet with interested students in an informal setting. The goal is to for immediate placement or placement upon graduation.

Each event is from 5:00PM to 6:30PM at the Welcome Center 1 Pace Plaza, NYC Downtown Campus.

(t) Oct. 6th  Fox Stations

(th) Oct. 8th  W.B. Mason

(t) Oct. 13th  Playfair Planning Service

(th) Oct. 15th CoMetrics

(t) Oct. 20th The New York Palace Hotel

(th) Oct. 22nd Con Edison

(t) Oct. 27th Scholastic

(th) Oct. 29th D CAS (Office of Citywide Recruitment)

(t) Nov. 3rd  RGP

(th) Nov. 5th Mountbatten Institute