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eRecruiting is Career Services'  online career and event management system enabling you to connect to jobs, employers, on-campus interviews, events, and  throughout Pace University's worldwide network of campuses and employers.

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eRecruiting Features

How to Open an eRecruiting Account

Log into eRecruiting

Uploading Your Documents

Uploading Your (unofficial) Transcripts

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 eRecruiting Features

Resumes: upload your resumes, cover letters, and writing samples for employers to review.
Jobs & Internships: search and apply online for full-time jobs, internships and part-time jobs listed with Pace University and apply for on-campus interviews.
Employers: search employers by name or industry to identify open positions and campus visits.
Calendar: search and register for events, workshops, and information sessions.
Events: view your schedule of interviews and events.
Applications: review your status for On-Campus Recruiting Interviews and Information Sessions.

 How to Open an eRecruiting Account

 Contact our office in New York ,Pleasantville or White Plains or send email to You will need to provide your full name, your University ID# and your Pace email address.

 Logging into eRecruiting

After your account is activated, you can log in with the following information: University ID# (i.e. U00000000) and the password supplied by your counselor.
After you log into eRecruiting, please follow the prompts to complete your profile. You may also choose to Upload Your Documents, register for events, search for, and much more.

 Uploading Your Documents

For employers to view your resumes, cover letters, and writing samples online and for you to apply to positions online through eRecruiting, you will need to upload your documents.

NOTE: You may still view job listings and contact information WITHOUT uploading your documents but employers will not be able to contact you directly or view your documents and you will not be able to apply to the positions electronically via eRecruiting.
To view sample documents, log into eRecruiting, complete your profile, and select "Documents" from the toolbar. Select "View Sample Documents" to review resume and cover letter samples.

To check for  Workshops, Events and Interview Schedules, log into eRecruiting, complete your profile, and select "Calendar" from the toolbar. Select "Interview Schedules", "Information Sessions" or your campus from the Event Type Menu. To sign up for a workshop, select the workshop date you prefer and submit your RSVP.

To Upload Your Documents:
Log into eRecruiting and complete your profile.
Select "Documents" from the toolbar. Select "Upload Documents" on the right side. Select the type of document you wish to upload. Click "Browse" and select your document. Click "Upload." eRecruiting will upload your document and return you to the main Document screen. If you upload multiple resumes, select which resume will be your Primary Resume. When requested by employers, your Primary Resume is the resume forwarded by Career Services.

 Uploading Your (Unofficial) Transcripts

One of the most common questions is how to upload an unofficial transcript into eRecruiting. The following will guide you in uploading your unofficial Pace academic transcript.
Need an official copy of your transcript? Please contact the Office of Student Assistance (OSA).

Note: It is recommended that you do the following in Firefox or Safari. We DO NOT RECOMMEND doing the following in Internet Explorer.

Login to  MyPace Portal

  • Click on the Students tab
  • Scroll down and click on the Student Records link
  • Click on the Academic Transcript link
  • Select Advising from the Transcript Type drop down box
  • Click on the Submit button
  • Select the entire transcript: 
    Click on the Edit Menu and click on Select All OR press the Ctrl and A buttons on your keyboard.
  • Copy the transcript:
    Click on the Edit Menu and click on Copy OR press the Ctrl and C buttons on your keyboard.
  • Open a new document in your word processor
  • Paste the transcript into your word processor:
    Press the Ctrl and V buttons on your keyboard or use the paste function in your word processor,
    you may have to adjust columns on your document after you paste the transcript table.
  • Save the transcript as a RTF (Rich Text Format) document
  • Click on the "DOCUMENTS" tab on the top of your screen on the main navigation bar
  • Select Other as the document type from the "UPLOAD A DOCUMENT" menu
    Click on the "BROWSE" button to search your hard drive or disk for the document you saved
  • Select the correct document and click "OPEN"
  • Click the "UPLOAD" button
  • Your document will be saved in PDF format

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to edit them in eRecruiting. If you wish to make changes, you will need to make your changes on the document you saved to your disk or hard drive and then you will have to upload a new document.

For more specific assistance when uploading unofficial transcripts, make an appointment with a counselor today.