Funded Internships

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Through the generous donations of three donor families, each year a select number of Pace students may be sponsored in unpaid summer internships with one of several nonprofit organizations that promote social entrepreneurship, environmental activism or community service.  Students must meet the criteria set forth by the donors, apply for each position, and be selected by the participating organization.  The goal of these funded internships is to encourage exploration of careers with nonprofits while making a significant contribution to the organization in addition to gaining valuable pre-professional experience.

The Gabel Internship Award Fund

The Gabel Internship Award Fund was established by Daniel and Bunny Gabel in 2009 as a unique opportunity to award a stipend to students at Pace University for undertaking internships at nonprofit organizations that promote environmental activism. Three students per year will be awarded funds for participation in a summer internship.  Funding will be provided for one Pace Law School student and two interns from any of Pace’s programs (including the Law School). The goal of the program is to promote interest and access to organizations directly involved in environmental activism and the opportunity for students to make a substantive, meaningful contribution to the organization. 

In order to be eligible, students must have an interest in environmental activism, maintain a minimum QPA of 3.0 and demonstrate financial need.  Internships will typically be full-time for eight to ten weeks between June and September.  Total award per student is $4,000.

The Helene & Grant Wilson Internship Fund

The Helene & Grant Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship was created in 2005 to serve the nonprofit community and Pace University. Devoted to honing the risk-taking spirit and managerial skills of nonprofit organizations, the center was launched with a pledge of $5 million from Helene and Grant Wilson, Boston-area entrepreneurs and philanthropists whose involvement with nonprofit organizations has convinced them that more-entrepreneurial management can help these organizations increase their impact.

The Funded Internship Program places interns with New York social enterprises and human service nonprofit organizations. The goal of the Internship is two-fold: To offer experiential learning and income for students interested in careers in the nonprofit sector, and to offer bright, highly motivated, mentored students in service for nonprofits. Internships should provide hands-on, substantive opportunities for students to make a meaningful contribution to the work of the organization.

In order to be eligible, students must have an interest in human service and/or social enterprise, be able to work full-time for eight weeks between June and September 2010. Total award $4,200 per student.

The Pforzheimer Pace Corps Fund

In 1998 the Pforzheimer Foundation established a $100,000 endowment to fund the Pace Corps as a part of the Co-op Education Program. The Foundation stipulated that the interest income earned from this endowment was to be used to provide stipends to Pace Students who were interested in working as interns in not-for-profit agencies that were unable to provide a salary. Since 1998, Pace students have interned in numerous human service/ community service agencies providing a valuable resource to organizations that meet the needs of families and residents while gaining valuable professional skills.  Each summer 5-6 interns earn $4,000 for full-time commitments generally lasting eight to ten weeks.


How to Apply

Registration with the Pace Co-op Program is required. Internship positions are posted on the Pace eRecruiting website (enter “funded” in the key-word search). Requirements and application instructions vary by employer and are included in the internship description.  Employers select whom to interview and hire. Positions are competitive.