Graduate Career Management Plan

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Graduate Career Management Guide

Developed by Pace University Career Services, this guide provides tools and information needed to develop a proactive approach to managing your career. How to assess and leverage your strengths and experiences, research industry and job market trends/resources, build a professional resume, develop professional contacts through proven networking/e-networking techniques and more. This guide is ideal for all masters candidates or alumni, regardless of where you are on your career path.

Graduate students can develop a personalized career plan and job search campaign, with the guidance of a professional counselor in our department. Through the Career Services Program, students have the opportunity to enhance their studies with hands-on experience. In addition, access to information about full-time employment opportunities is available to you as graduate students and also as alumni. International students may participate in all career management programs and services.

Phase 1 - First Year

  • Make an appointment to meet with a Career Services Counselor on your campus.
  • Complete the online registration information in order to receive mailings and access internship and full-time employment listings. Go to our home page address:
  • Familiarize yourself with all of the resources included in the Graduate section of our home page.
  • Attend a Career Services Information Session, orientation, seminars and workshops.
  • Assess your skills, strengths, achievements, areas for improvement, and career goals as a first step in developing a career management plan, preparing your resume, etc.
  • Refer to Step 1: Self Assessment through the Explore Majors and Careers link on our homepage, where you can utilize interactive self-assessment tools.
  • Prepare a rough draft of your resume to use with your counselor for developing a resume that best presents your qualifications. Once approved, save your resume to the Career Services database.
  • Prior to Pace’s Fall Career Fair in New York City and Spring Career Expo in Westchester, learn how to successfully participate in a career fair. First, assess your presentation skills. Be sure you know how to network effectively and work the room.  Develop a two-minute pitch that employers will remember. Be prepared by obtaining a list of participating employers and researching these companies.
  • Gain career-related experience by doing an internship during the school year and/or summer. Prepare early for summer internships by checking our website for on-line announcements about winter and spring deadlines.
  • Begin to assemble a list of companies and resource sites for internships, summer jobs, and full-time positions. From our website, click Job Search Tools and then Industry and Employer Research to access links such as, and more.
  • International students should meet with their international student advisor to get information on employment eligibility for the Career Services Program.

Phase 2 - Midway

  • During each phase, update your online registration information: GPA, e-mail, phone number and address.
  • Update your resume and review it with your counselor.
  • Meet with your counselor to assess your career management plan. Evaluate the career-related experiences you are gaining through your internship positions, if applicable.
  • Join a professional organization to network and learn about your field.
  • Schedule a practice interview. Videotaping is available.
  • Continue seeking internships and/or full-time employment through the Resume Referral Program.
  • Take advantage of the Career Advisory Network and meet with an alumni career advisor to network and learn about your industry.


Phase 3 - Final Semesters

  • Register in August and early September for the Campus Recruiting Program and attend necessary workshops for fall and spring.  Select companies with whom you wish to interview. Interviews are held in October through November and February through April on both the Westchester New York City campuses. Meet with your counselor to get interview feedback.
  • Finalize your resume.  Meet with your counselor to evaluate your career management plan, set goals, develop an action plan for your full-time job search and learn to prepare effective cover letters.
  • Start preparing a Professional Career Portfolio that showcases your achievements. It should include your resume, work samples, certifications, degrees, awards, references, and more.
  • Participate in interviewing workshops and Mock Interview Days, when offered. Mock Interview Days offer opportunities to practice interviewing with human resource professionals on campus.
  • Continue seeking internships and/or full-time employment through the Resume Referral Program  and other Internet resources.
  • Attend job search workshops, panels, networking events, executive recruiter events and career fairs on and off campus.
  • Follow up with employers from career fairs and the Campus Recruiting Program.
  • Identify alumni career advisors in your field of interest for networking purposes.
  • About two months prior to graduation, international students should meet with their campus international student advisor to apply for the one-year of optional practical training in order to pursue employment in the United States.
  • Report all job offers to Career Services.
  • After completion of your degree, continue to use our counseling, job search services and resources.