Graduating Students

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Congratulations! You are in the final phase of your educational experience here at Pace and ready to begin participating in the many services specifically geared toward obtaining full-time employment after graduation. Some of the programs have deadlines, so paying attention to all the communication you receive from our office essential as well as noting dates published in the timelines below.

On-Campus Interviews Program

Career Fairs

Job Search Tools

Workshops, Seminars and Events

Professional Networking

Graduate School Advising

Reciprocity with Other Colleges/Universities

  On-Campus Recruiting Program (OCI)


On Campus Interviews

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What is On Campus Interviews (OCI)?

On Campus Interviews (OCI) is a program designed to provide students with the opportunity to interview conveniently on campus for some of the most competitive internships and full-time jobs available upon graduation.

Employers often host Office Hours and Information Sessions prior to the application deadline so students have the opportunity to learn more about each companies’ recruiting policies and opportunities.


How do I participate?

Step 1: Schedule an appointment with Career Services to have your Resume Approved

Step 2: Review OCI guidelines by attending an OCI workshop, scheduling an appointment, or reviewing this webinar. Then return the signed OCI contract to your Career Counselor.

Step 3: Apply to OCI positions on Handshake at


How does OCI work?

The OCI season is September - November, although some events may happen before or after that time frame.

Internship and Full Time Positions are typically posted 6 – 8 weeks before the Interview date.

Application deadlines are typically set to 2 weeks before the Interview date.

Once employers have made selections (usually 3-5 days before the Interview date), students are notified via Handshake and Career Services to sign up for an interview slot on Handshake.  Sign up is first come first serve.

Please note: The Pleasantville and NYC Campuses have separate OCI schedules and it is important not to apply to positions with conflicting Interview Schedules. Postings contain information about the Interview date and location in the description so that it is clear. If you are selected for an interview, you are expected to attend.


Eligibility and Expectations 

In order to participate in OCI you must have the OCI eligibility qualifier which is given after your counselor receives the signed contract. 

Internships are open to all qualified students who have completed Step 1 and Step 2, as outlined above.

Full-Time Jobs are open to all qualified students who have completed Step 1, Step 2, and are graduating in January, June, or September 2018.


Students are expected to follow the guidelines below in order to participate

  • Check email and Handshake DAILY for information regarding jobs, interview activity, changes and cancellations.
  • Select ONLY positions which they have a serious interest in, and are qualified to apply for.
  • Arrange transportation to interviews on the appropriate Pace Campus.
  • DRESS PROFESSIONALLY AND BE PUNCTUAL for all interviews, understanding that lateness is not acceptable and is considered the equivalent to missing an interview.
  • Promptly UPDATE HANDSHAKE WITH ANY CHANGES in graduation date, home or e-mail addresses, phone numbers, GPA, citizenship status, etc.
  • Notify Career Services within 24 hours of accepting an employment offer for both full-time jobs and internships. 



Reciprocity With Other College/Universities 
Career centers at other universities are often willing to set up a reciprocity arrangement enabling new Pace alumni to use limited services. These services do not include participation in recruiting, access to university alumni, and may or may not include individual appointments with professional staff. If you wish us to write a letter of reciprocity, please send us the name of the institution, name of director of the career center, and mailing address