Informational Interview

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A fine way to gather additional information about the world of work is to conduct "informational interviews." Meeting with current professionals in your field of interest can help you better learn about particular industries and obtain a more realistic picture of the job market. Traditional career exploration resources like books and career libraries are great for general overviews of career options. However, informational interviews provide that personal insight into current market trends, up-to-date position information and true job responsibilities which cannot be obtained from reading a book. Use Pace's Career Advisory Network to start your informational interviewing.

 Interview Questions 

These are guidelines only. Please tailor questions to your personal and career objectives.

1.How did you prepare yourself for this profession? (i.e. education, part-time work, training programs, etc.)
2.What skills or talents are most important for this field and how can they be acquired?
3.What is a typical day like? Do you work alone or as part of a group?
4.Why did you choose to enter this field? What are the good points and bad points of this profession?
5.Can you describe the work environment? (i.e. casual, formal, dress codes, vacation flexibility, etc.)
6.What are typical entry-level positions available in this field?
7.How is this profession growing and what are some related areas?
8.Does your company advertise job openings or are they announced internally?
9.What journals, magazines, books can I read to learn more about this profession?
10.What is the typical career path in this profession?
11.Would you recommend any professional organizations to join?
12.Which part of the job is most challenging for you?
13.What personal attributes do you think have been invaluable to your succeeding in this business?
14.Do you have any suggestions regarding my resume?
15.Which of my transferable skills should I place special emphasis on?
16.How do you see this field changing in the next five years?
17.Can you recommend anyone else for me to speak with?