Intern Spotlight

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Gaining Real-World Experience through Internships!

Dyson - BA



Your home campus:
New York City

What is/was your major in school?:
Communications Major.

Hmm. Personally, I'm a media culture fanatic, and love reading up on the effects of social media on today's youth in terms of opinion-forming and self-expression. I adore music, have an infatuation (shifting to the side of obsession) with 30 Rock and have mentally switched my major at least a half dozen times, finally deciding on Communication Studies. I studied abroad in Cork, Ireland last semester and am now getting re-adjusted to Pace: I mean, my study abroad destination had a castle on campus, so it has been a rougher adjustment than I thought it'd be.

Besides that, I am currently in my last year at Pace University (totally bittersweet), and have a lot of separate experiences going on at once. In addition to my classes, I'm undergoing a student/faculty research program with Dr. Emilie Zaslow, analyzing the effects of online communities on parents of LGBTQ children who have recently come out. I have submitted a Fulbright Grant application to study media depictions of gender, sexuality and internalized self-crises in Auckland, New Zealand, with hopes to find a connection between said depictions and the high suicide rates in male youth. I'm also involved with The Pace Press as the Web Editor of, which will launch by the beginning of October. Somehow, I still manage to get enough sleep at night, and on top of all this, I commute from the good ol' borough of Staten Island (read as: eh, it's not that bad, but I will never say it's my favorite place in the world.)
I am currently working part-time as the Marketing Assistant at the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts, but I've had a lot of great internships in the past. Starting with my first, I interned at an independent music marketing agency known as The Syndicate during the fall semester of my sophomore year — it introduced me to a lot of amazing people and has definitely helped me out as I moved on from it. I then went on to intern at the publicity department of Warner Bros. Records in the summer between sophomore and junior year, where I worked on clients such as Jason Derulo, Jill Scott, Taking Back Sunday and Theophilus London. This lead me to, during my first semester of junior year, a website/app that locates student-only deals around college campuses and offers a map of the nearest deals to campuses, acting as a social media marketing intern, but basically running their college publication outreach program in addition to laying some future business models on how to implement social media for the company. During this time period, I was also hired as a campus ambassador for Aeroshots, a new energy supplement that is inhaled rather than ingested, with each 'breath' having the same caffeine as a normal cup of coffee. Finally, during this past summer, I interned over at The Village Voice, focusing on digital marketing and events.
A friend of mine recommended Jenna Campolieta, and she had been my adviser ever since until she recently left. I can honestly say that without her, I would not have had a single clue on how to write a resume and the interview workshops are phenomenal. I'd recommend any student to stop by the Career Services department to get a refresher, whether it be on resumes, how to dress for an interview, how to answer questions in interviews and most importantly, how to get an interview in the first place. The office is one of the most helpful departments found in Pace and all students should make a visit at least once (or twice... or three times...) before they graduate.
I feel like it's cliche to say the location, but it honestly is one of the biggest selling points for the school. It's convenient to be living and studying in NYC, and interning in this city helps you so, so much, whether it'd be by boosting your resume or coming to meet the ever-important networking contact. Secondly, the various programs I've been able to be a part of, whether it is the study abroad office (awesome, awesome people!) or the student/faculty research program — if you apply yourself, it is not difficult to do exactly what you want to do during your time in college and still manage to finish on time. Travel the world, intern at your favorite company, write a thesis on something that has interested you your entire life: push yourself and you'll see that Pace can help you much, much more than you think.
I'm hoping for the best in terms of this Fulbright Grant, but even if I don't get it, I know that I'll be going to New Zealand sometime in the next two or three years. My immediate plans are to graduate, study abroad in Hong Kong next summer to finish up some classes I haven't been able to get to yet, and see where I'm at during that time. Since the beginning of my freshman year, I wanted to go into music marketing and publicity, but it was only up to recently when I realized there were so many more opportunities in academia I wanted to flesh out first. I believe grad school is definitely in my foreseeable future, but until then, I'll be taking classes, opening up my mind to new disciplines and crossing off places on a map of everywhere I want to visit before I'm 30 years old.