International Business

Printer-friendly versionSend by emailPDF version - International Search - Leverage this powerful job search engine to search jobs, post your resume, review articles, and conduct your own personal background check to spot inconsistencies about yourself before potential employers do.

Europages: The European Business Directory - 500,000 companies selected in 30 European countries.

GlobalEdge - An index of international business resources on the web.   Includes resources on countries, governments, statistics, news sources, mailing lists, etc.

Going Global -  This is designed to support international job seekers and professionals with a great array of original country-specific career information. This site's content and links provide users with a comprehensive tool kit for evaluating, selecting and transitioning into a successful career in a foreign country, including resume/CV writing advice, job sources, work permit and visa regulations, cultural advice on more than 40 countries. This is a treasure-trove of not only where to look but how to look for new opportunities in various countries. Some of the content is provided directly on this and other partner sites for free. The majority of the content however is in a PDF format and available for purchase and download for a very reasonable fee. Most of the country guides are over 70 pages long and are filled with excellent articles and information resource lists.

JobPilot - Search for over 50,000 job vacancies worldwide.

International Business Forum - Provides information about business opportunities in the international marketplace.

International Job Search - Job listings for people with International Sales, Marketing, and Management skills.