Language and Culture

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Alive! Global Network - A coalition of many of the best web sites around the world, celebrating both cultural diversity and common interests and values
Asia-Net - Selling the Asia/Pacific Rim Community - Providing career information to professionals.  Join their Mailing List to receive information on the latest job openings.
Bilingual Jobs - Job postings for diverse language careers.
Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) - Information on exchange, travel, and international study programs.
Escape Artist for Overseas Jobseekers - Everything you need to know about living and working overseas.
Europages: The European Business Directory - 500,000 companies selected in 30 European countries.
Foreign Service Careers – Hires Foreign Service, Civil Service and Student Employees to work at offices in the US and over 265 posts abroad. - Your one stop site for all your H-1B Visa/ Employment needs.
Jobsite - United Kingdom - Search Europe's leading jobs, or register now to receive the latest Jobs-by-Email and Jobsite's other award winning services.
Marjorie Chan's Chinese Resources - Information regarding job search options dealing with the Chinese culture, language, and linguistics.
Monster Work Abroad - Answers to questions about relocating as well as a search engine to research companies. - Canada's premier employment site. - The Web's #1 resources for international employment and work abroad.
Smith College of International Resources - Multiple links to job opportunities in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Teaching Jobs Overseas - An excellent page for rules and restrictions for applying for an overseas job.
The Riley Guide: Resources for International Jobs - A good research site with over one hundred links to international jobs.
Top International Jobs on the Net - Find out about companies, register for future opportunities, and read more about careers and recruitment in your selected country.
United Nations Employment Opportunities - Useful information on employment opportunities with the UN Secretariat in general, as well as openings in other organizations of the UN family.
Wellgot - This site includes lessons on Chinese as well as Mandarin Phonetic Symbols