Welcome to Handshake

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We are excited to announce that Pace University’s Handshake Platform is now OPEN! Please go to pace.joinhandshake.com and get started today.
Here are quick steps that will assist you as we transition over to Handshake:
If you already use Handshake:
  • Sign in with your user name and password
  • Once logged into Handshake, go to the “Connect with Schools” page and click “Request Approval”
If your company is registered, but a new recruiter from your company is joining:
  • You will need to create an account by visiting joinHandshake click “Need An Account”
  • Follow the steps to create an account and connect with your employer’s profile on Handshake
If your company is entirely new to Handshake:
*Now that you have registered your HANDSHAKE account: Remember to…
Confirm Your Account:
  • You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your account, then you can proceed with the registration process
  • Our Career Services Team will approve your account
  • We add you as an approved employer with Pace University
Your Account is Approved:
  • You can begin to post jobs and internships in Handshake
  • You can START posting to Handshake once you SIGN IN at and become an approved employer with Pace University.
  • STOP posting positions to Experience/eRecruiting effective immediately. The company will no longer be available as of 6/30/15
*Active/Open postings will be carried over into our Handshake platform. You will not need to repost your current active/open jobs.
*Please be aware that up until June 30 you may receive resumes from both Experience/eRecruiting and Handshake as the students transition over to Handshake starting next week

Any questions?
Email our technical support specialist      mscarpelli@pace.edu

- OR - 

Call: NYC: 212-346-1950            Westchester: 914-773-3415