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Challenge to Achievement Program

Getting Ready for Orientation

A Guide to your Course Selection Questionnaire

All newly-enrolled students at Pace University attend an orientation session over the summer. For more information on Summer Orientation, visit the official website

You will receive a large packet of information related to orientation after enrolling at Pace. Included in that packet are the First Semester Advising Guide and the Course Selection Questionnaire that you will be asked to fill out and return. All students MUST fill out and return the proper paperwork prior to attending orientation. Alternately, you can submit all forms online here. If you have any questions about the Orientation Program, please contact the Center for Student Development and Campus Activities at (212) 346-1590.

Your Course Selection Questionnaire

The Course Selection Questionnaire is included in the Orientation packet or can be filled out online. The information you provide in the questionnaire will allow your adviser to create your first semester schedule. Make sure to take your time and think carefully about the information you provide. Please follow these step-by-step instructions to filling out the questionnaire:

  • Carefully enter your Personal information and make any necessary corrections online or on the form itself.
  • Please indicate:
    • whether or not you are willing to take an evening class. Scheduling an evening class will allow greater flexibility when creating your schedule.
    • if you plan to commute to Pace University. Your adviser will take this into account as he/she creates your class schedule.
    • if you have successfully completed trigonometry. This information will help your adviser determine an accurate math placement for you.
    • if English is not your first language. These will all help advisers determine your English placement.
  • Indicate your Intended Major. The list of the majors that are available on your campus can be found at If you are still considering your choice of major, please indicate that by checking the “Unsure/open to many areas” box provided on the form. Please also indicate which areas are of interest to you.
  • Please indicate your Learning Community preferences: Select five CAP Learning Communities that you are interested in taking and list them according to your preference. A complete list of Learning Communities is provided in the Learning Community Course Supplement, which can be found at PLEASE BE SURE AND SELECT A CAP LEARNING COMMUNITY. Read the description of each Learning Community before you indicate your preferences. An adviser will make every effort to accommodate your preferences in the order you list them.
  • Indicate the Areas of Interest that are of interest to you. Please select as many areas as you like, but make sure that you select no fewer than five. Your adviser will consult this section of the Course Selection Questionnaire in order to complete your first semester schedule.
  • Indicate which Second Language you are interested in taking your first semester. Although not every student will take a language in his/her first semester, your adviser will take your interest into account when creating your schedule. Also, please use the grid to provide information about language courses you took in high school. Please be as accurate as possible.
  • If you took the second language SAT II, please indicate the language you tested in and the score you received (if known).
  • Indicate any Earned College Credits and IB/or AP credit you have earned prior to registering at Pace.
  • Make sure you sign and date the Registration Authorization to indicate that we have your permission to register you for the courses you have identified on the Course Selection Questionnaire. We cannot create your schedule without this permission.

If you are submitting by mail, return the Questionnaire, your Orientation Program Response Form and your check or money order for $130.00 (more if family will be joining you) using the business reply envelope provided in your orientation packet. If you a submitting online, all payments may be made there using a credit card.

If you have any questions about filling out your Course Selection Questionnaire please do not hesitate to call the CAP Office at (212) 346-1997 for assistance. We are here to help!