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Challenge to Achievement at Pace Program

At Orientation

At your Orientation you will begin your transition to life in college and at Pace University. You will meet new people, explore various places on campus and services that Pace has to offer, and learn the ins and outs of college life.

In addition, you will:

Take Placement Exams

Read carefully below to learn about important online placement tests you must take prior to arriving for Orientation. Please make sure that you take the placement tests for the NYC campus. These placement tests are important; it is in your best interest to concentrate, apply yourself, and do the best you can. The levels of Mathematics and English/ writing into which you place can have an impact on other classes that you may need to take for your intended major requirements.

Writing Placement Test: All students will take a writing placement test online prior to Orientation to determine the appropriate English course to take in their first semester. The writing placement test requires students to write an essay. Each student will be evaluated on her or his ability to organize and develop ideas, to sustain an argument, and to use correct spelling and grammar.

Please note, though, the University Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy with regard to English/writing for students admitted through the CAP Program: Students admitted to Pace University through the CAP program will be placed into required English classes based solely on the results of their performance on Pace University’s Writing Placement Exam. Any previously earned credit for college-level English/ writing courses, or successful completion of exams through the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP), the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, will be accepted only as credits towards the General/Open Electives component of the chosen degree program.

This is important because it means that how you perform on the writing placement test will determine your first English class, regardless of any AP, IB, or Transfer Credit that you may be bringing in for English/ writing. If you have taken a college-level English course, or have AP or IB credit, then you should be able to perform to that standard on the writing placement test, which is evaluated by Pace English Faculty. Only your performance on this placement test will be used to determine your first-semester English course.

More information on the Transfer Credit Policy for Undergraduate Students can be found here.

Mathematics Placement Test: All students will take a mathematics placement test online prior to Orientation to determine the appropriate mathematics course to take in their first semester. Questions range from word problems to trigonometry and pre-calculus problems. Students may use calculators, but must bring their own with them to the exam. Cell/smart phone calculators will not be allowed. Mathematics placement will be reevaluated upon receipt of appropriate college transfer credit or official AP or IB scores. A sample placement test with problems and answers can be found at You can use this to help prepare yourself for the mathematics placement test.

Incoming freshmen must take their writing and math placement tests online prior to attending Orientation. For dates and details, visit the Center for Academic Excellence Placement Testing page.

Receive your first-semester schedule

First-semester students at Pace do not register themselves for their fall classes. CAP Advisors will use the information from your questionnaire and your placement exam results to build your fall schedule. On the second day of Orientation you will receive your official schedule and a detailed explanation on how to read it. You can also find an explanation here.

Learn more about the CAP Program

At Orientation, the CAP Program will be holding a brief information session for all new students in the program.

Meet your CAP Academic Adviser

There will be an opportunity to meet your first-year academic Advisor at Orientation. To determine who is your Advisor, check which University 101 class you are enrolled in. Your instructor for this course is your Advisor for your first year. Further details will be provided at Orientation.

Students are also encouraged to contact their adviser with any questions. All advisers can be reached by calling (212) 346-1997 or by emailing the following: