Major-based Advising

Transitioning Students to Major-Based Advising


One of the most important parts of the first-year advising experience comes near the end of the first year when students will be assigned an adviser in their major.   To ensure that this process is seamless for students, please follow these steps when transitioning your students to their major-based adviser:


1.        Prepare your students for the transition when you meet with them during the spring registration period.  Let them know to expect an e-mail from you near the end of the semester in which you will tell them who their advisers will be.  Make sure they know you will send the email to their Pace account.


2.        Confirm the student’s choice of major, but let him/her know that it is ok to change this decision and that Academic Resources (AR) has advisers to help with the exploration process.  This will allow you to provide any last minute information needed to reassign the student to an appropriate adviser.


3.        Immediately following the spring registration period, The Office of First Year Programs will send you assignments for all your first year advisees.  This list will contain the name of the student’s adviser, his or her department, and his or her Pace email address.


4.        Review the list, making sure that each of your students in on the list and has been assigned an adviser.


5.        Send an email to each of your advisees apprising them of their advisers’ names and e-mail addresses. COPY THE NEW ADVISER ON THAT E-MAIL! This is the most important step in the entire process. By putting the adviser and the advisee on the same e-mail, you are helping to ensure that students will be able to find their new adviser as soon as he or she may be needed.


6.        Assure your advisees that, although you will no longer be their official adviser, you are not abandoning them!  Let them know that they can still come and see you if they would like to, or if they have questions of a general nature. Be sure, however, to reinforce that whenever possible they should speak to their major-based adviser and establish a relationship with that person.