Frequently Asked Questions:General

Q: I have questions about my schedule. Who should I talk to about it? 
A: Contact the Office of First Year Programs. If you’re attending the New York campus, call Paul Simpson at (212) 346-1219.

Q: Where do I get more information about on-campus housing?  
A: Please call the Office of Residence Life for the campus you’ll be attending: New York (212) 346-1295.

Q: At Orientation, I was told I would have access to My Pace Portal, but I don’t remember the web address. Where do I find it? 

Q: So I found the My Pace Portal site, but I can’t get in. What is my ID and password? 
A: Your Pace ID is the beginning part of your Pace e-mail. That e-mail will be composed of your initials, a random set of numbers, and the initial of the campus you’ll be attending. To look up your e-mail, please go to the following web site:

Your initial password is your 2 (lower case) initials, a dash, then, your 6-digits birthday in this format: MMDDYY. John Doe’s password would look like this if he was born on January 1, 1986: jd-010186.
Once you enter this password, you will be prompted to choose a new one. Do so, and write it down!

Q: When I log on to My Pace Portal and try to change my schedule, the system tells me I can’t because I have a hold. How can I change my schedule? 
A: All first year students have a hold on their accounts preventing them from changing their schedules. The hold is there to keep students from damaging their chances of graduating in four years! If you have questions about your schedule, please contact the Office of First Year Programs (numbers listed above)

Q: Who is my academic adviser? 
A: During your first semester, your UNV 101 professor will serve as your main academic adviser, since you’ll be seeing that professor once a week in class. Besides your UNV professor, you will also be supported by your school/college adviser and the Office of First Year Programs. If you have questions prior to arriving on campus, please contact the Office of First Year Programs

Q: Should I buy books prior to coming to campus? 
A: We suggest that you wait until you attend the first class. Oftentimes, professors make amendments to their syllabi and change the books that are required for their classes. So, if you buy a book too soon, you may end up with an unnecessary textbook. Wait for the first week of classes so that you know for sure what books are required.

Q: I have Financial Aid questions. What’s their number again? 
A: New York: (212) 346-1300.

Q: What do I need to do before I get to school in September? 
A: Make sure that:
• Your high school has sent to Pace your final transcripts (the one that proves you graduated from high school).
• AP scores and official college transcripts for credits earned through College Now, dual enrollment, International Baccalaureate, etc. and any other certifications of achievement (like the SAT II in a second language) have been sent to Pace.
• Pace has received proof of your immunization against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR).


Q: How do I know if my score on an AP test will give me college credit at Pace?
A: Please refer to page 20 of the Advising Booklet you received with your Orientation materials for a complete listing (or refer to the web page for an online version of the booklet.)

Q: What if I’m not sure if Pace will accept certain college credits? 
A: Please contact the Office of Admission. New York: (212) 346-1323.

Q: I was accepted into the Challenge to Achievement at Pace program and I would like more information. Whom should I contact? 
A: In New York, (212) 346-1997.

Q: I don’t have a major yet, and I’m worried that I won’t be able to graduate in four years. Should I be? 
A: In most cases, no. Almost half of your education at Pace (60 of the 128 credits required of most majors) is made up of University Core classes. Since University Core classes are ones that apply to virtually every major we offer at Pace, students can move from one major to almost any other within their first two years and not lose any time toward graduation.

There are, however, a few exceptions: biology, chemistry, certified public accounting, the BFA in theater, education, and a few other majors rely on very specific sequences of classes, and therefore allow for less flexibility than other majors at Pace.

For further information on choosing a major, please contact the Academic Resources office: New York (212) 346-1798.

Q: I am interested in joining the HonorsCollege. How do I apply? 
A: Students not initially invited to join Pace’s Honors College may apply to the Honors Program after attending Pace for one year (two semesters).

Q: What’s a good way to start meeting people on campus? 
A: Perhaps the best way is to get involved on campus. You can start by contacting Student Life (New York: 212-346-1590) and looking at the clubs and activities that they sponsor.

Furthermore, during the first week of classes there will be loads of events going on; be sure to stick around and participate in them!

Q: I have a question, but I don’t know the right person to contact. Where should I start? 
A: For all inquiries, you can always start with the Office of First Year Programs. Please don’t hesitate to call for any sort of assistance.