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Getting Help with Problems


During your first semester, your UNV 101 professor and peer leader should be your first conversation whenever you run into a problem. Also, the Office of First Year Programs, as the central advising office for all first-year students, is there to help both first- and second-semester freshmen.


But sometimes you will need to go directly to the source. Here are some common problems and the right offices you’ll need to contact in order to resolve them:


If You Have Questions About your Bill, Methods of Payments, or Holds on Your Account …


… the right office to contact is the Office of Student Assistance, commonly known as OSA, and formerly known as "SARS". Many OSA-related issues can be resolved through their Web site, located here.


If You Have Questions About Scholarships, Grants, Loans, or Tuition Waivers, or Other Sorts of Financial Support …


… please contact the Financial Aid office. For a lengthy discussion of your financial aid needs, you will most likely need to make an appointment with a financial aid officer in advance. You will find Financial Aid on the first floor of 1 Pace Plaza (right next to the Office of Admissions); the office can be reached at (212) 346-1300, or check out their web site  here.


If You Would Like Extra Help with Your Course Work …


… you should visit the Tutoring Center. Located on the 2nd Floor of 41 Park Row, the Tutoring Center offers free peer tutoring six days a week in dozens of courses. Contact the Tutoring Center at (212) 346-1329 for more information, or go to their web site by following this link .


If You Would Like Extra Help with Writing Essays …


… you should visit the Writing Center. The Writing Center, housed on the 2nd Floor of the Birnbaum Library, will help you with writing essays for any discipline and at any stage, from brainstorming, to writing a strong thesis statement, to developing an argument, to using and citing sources correctly. Contact them at (212) 346-1085, or get more information from the web page  here.


If You Think You May Have a Learning Disability, or Already Have a Diagnosed Learning Disability


… please contact the Counseling Center as soon as possible. The Counseling Center can assure you receive the kinds of accommodations your learning disability requires, and refer you for a review if you think you may have an as-yet undiagnosed learning disability.


The Counseling Center also provides confidential, professional, and free psychological counseling services to the Pace community. The Counseling Center is located on the 12th floor of 156 Williams Street. Please contact them at (212) 346-1526, or look to their   web site for extensive information.


If You Are Interested in Living On Campus, or Are Having a Residence-Related Problem or Concern


… please contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life, located on 106 Fulton Street on the second floor. The office phone number is (212) 346-1295. Alternately, you can ask Residence Life a question online: go  here  to do so.


Other Questions?


Please follow this link to open an Adobe Acrobat file of Pace University’s complete campus directory (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open the document, which you can downloadby following this link ). This complete listing should lead you to the right contact on campus to help you resolve any outstanding issue you are having.


And always remember, the Office of First Year Programs is here to assist. Don’t hesitate to call (212) 346-1386 for help and guidance.