Learning Communities

A Learning Community links courses and disciplines so that students and their professors experience a coherent and enriched learning environment together.

Pace University offers two kinds of Learning Communities:

  • Two paired integrated and coordinated courses, each taught by a different professor in a different discipline. Students must register for both sections of the Learning Community (ie. Economics 106 and English 110 with two different Course Registration Numbers)
  • An interdisciplinary (INT) course taught by a team of two professors from different disciplines and focused on a particular theme


In either case, Learning Communities provide an ideal setting for college students to develop a sense of responsibility and community; an increased interaction among students and faculty; a rich, learning-centered environment; active and collaborative learning; exploration and understanding of diverse perspectives and a deeper understanding of course materials. All Pace University students are required to complete a Learning Community as part of the Core Curriculum.


Examples of Learning Communities being offered for the Fall 2015 Semester:

  • Computers and Culture (English and Computer Science)
  • Work and Wealth (English and History)
  • Ethics in the Public Domain (English and Politics)
  • Work and Wealth (English and History)
  • Performing New York City (English and Women Studies)
  • Economics of Sex (Economics and Women Studies)
  • Sacred/Secular in East Asia (INT)
  • Computing and Business in the Digital Age (Computer Science and Business)