Admitted Students

What You Need to Know Before Arriving on Campus!

Succeeding in college begins with your first semester. If you are coming from high school, your college classes at Pace may seem, at first, unexpectedly difficult. If you are going to live on campus, you will have a whole new set of challenges to take on: meals, laundry, living with a roommate, etc. College life can seem intimidating at first, and if you get off on the wrong foot, you may find it challenging to recover. So be prepared - start off right! Here are some things you can do to help ensure your first year of college will be a success:

  • College means taking responsibility for yourself. In high school, you may have had teachers who hounded you for assignments, insisted that you come to class on time, and in general looked after your academic well-being. In college, professors expect you to be mature enough to handle these matters on your own. As a rule of thumb, a college professor will devote little to no time, in or out of class, reminding you of your classroom responsibilities. Therefore, it is extremely important that you be an organized and punctual college student
  • Plan in study time. Many high school students find they can get by pretty well with little outside studying. In college, however, you may very well find that courses that you performed well in during high school are now unexpectedly difficult. One of the most important things you can do from the start of your college career is make sure that you are giving yourself the amount of time that is needed for you to grasp the material your professors give you.
  • Know where to find help. There are literally dozens of offices and programs at Pace specifically designed to help you succeed in college, during your first year and beyond. When you encounter a problem, the first step to take is to talk to your UNV 101 professor and peer leader; they can lead you to the resources you need to help you. Also, remember that the Office of the First-Year Experience is the central advising office for all freshmen: contact FYE at (212) 346-1386 for any and all questions you may have. However, the most important thing is that you reach out when you need help: help is available, but only if you contact your advisors. Don't forget to check out our FAQ page!
  • Get involved!  Studies have shown that college students who get involved in clubs and organizations on campus are less likely to drop out and have higher grade point averages that those who don’t. Pace University has over 80 social, cultural, and professional organizations, all of which are eager for new members. In addition, we have volunteer opportunities available through the Center for Community Outreach and employment and internship opportunities through Co-op and Career Services . Getting involved on campus will not only help you make friends, but will help with every aspect of your college career. Be sure to check out the “ Getting Involved with the Pace Community” for more information.

In all, college is your time to really become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Be sure you take advantage of everything that is available to you at Pace!