UNV 101

UNV 101

All students new to college will take University 101 (UNV 101). This one-credit, pass/fail course focuses on four concerns that are essential to your transition into and success in college life: understanding the value of liberal learning, developing capacities for self-reflection, receiving holistic academic advising and developing a four year plan that connects extra-curricular opportunities with your intellectual growth.

All University 101 courses are led by two people: an instructor drawn from the corps of Pace's experienced faculty and staff works with a peer leader from the school's upper classes. Your University 101 instructor will also be your adviser for the entire academic year. Whether you consult your instructor/adviser to figure out how to deal with academic or administrative questions or approach your peer leaders to get the scoop about what college life is like from the inside, UNV 101 will serve as your first stop whenever you need academic advising or help with a problem.


Learning Outcomes

We are eager to have you develop a number of skills and concepts through University 101. We would also like you to have the chance to reflect on a number of values that will be important to you as college students and engaged citizens. With your active engagement in the learning process, our professors will work towards meeting the following 10 objectives in this course:

  1. Understand the purpose and role of higher education
  2. Understand the core curriculum requirements and the role of the Core Curriculum in their college education
  3. Understand academic integrity
  4. Know how to accurately assess their academic progress, including being able to identify study habits that contribute to or limit their success
  5. Understand active learning
  6. Understand the importance of time management, values, and personal responsibility in their academic success
  7. Understand the role of an advisor as well as their role in the advisement process
  8. Be able to create an educational plan that takes both in class and out of class experiences into account
  9. Know how and where to seek information about academic and personal support services offered at Pace, including the Tutoring and Writing Centers, academic advising offices, the Counseling Center, Co-op and Career Services, Student Development and College Activities, and the Library.
  10.  Know how to use the Portal to access important information including the online class schedule, registration information/instructions, and account information