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CAE - Learning Assistance Center (LAC)

Individual Academic Coaching and Peer Mentoring

Coaching VS. Mentoring

Academic Coaching offers each student an opportunity to work with a professional who is trained in providing academic support, customized to each student's own strengths and goals. Academic Coaching increases student sense of accountability and leads to a more intentional scholastic experience.

Peer Mentoring Peer Academic Mentors translate their own experiences into statements that are easily understood and accepted by students. The Peer Academic Mentoring program includes weekly meetings with individuals as well as small group sessions devoted to identifying academic roadblocks students may encounter and providing learning strategies and resources.

Professional Academic Coaching

One on one sessions provide individualized attention for students to establish expectations and set learning goals. The Academic Coach encourages students to take ownership of their academic experience by identifying individual challenges and developing plans for success.

Goal of weekly Coaching: Students work towards becoming effective self-regulated learners.

Peer Academic mentoring

The Peer Academic Mentors are successful students whose experience provides valuable advice from a peer perspective. Throughout the semester, they monitor student progress and need. Their mentorship aids the development of academic success and self-advocacy.

Goal of weekly mentoring: By developing trust, the peer mentor is in a unique position to challenge and question, leading to the student’s self-actualization.