Online English Placement Test for New York City Students



Writing Placement Exam for New York City Students

Guidelines and Exam Instructions

The English Placement Exam determines the most appropriate composition course for incoming freshmen and transfer students during their first semester at Pace.  The exam on this page is only for students attending the New York City campus. This is an on-line essay assignment, which you complete on a computer with internet access prior to arriving for campus orientation. Before starting the exam, please read through the instructions and guidelines below thoroughly.

Format of the Placement Test and Test Evaluation

The English placement exam asks you to write an argumentative essay in response to a written prompt. Responses are then evaluated in five categories. The categories are (1) content and development of argument, (2) vocabulary and audience awareness, (3) organization, (4) grammar, and (5) mechanics.

Instructions for when to take and how to submit the English Placement Exam:

The on-line remote access writing placement is currently available.  Please remember to take your exam as soon as possible. Writing exams should be taken at least one week prior to your orientation date so that your academic advisor can register you for the appropriate coursework in your first semester.  The link is listed below.

Important things to remember:

1.      This is an online placement test, and internet access is required. Please make sure that the computer you are using has internet access and that you have a web browser installed.

2.      Prior to taking the exam, please have your Pace University username and password available.

3.      If you experience technical difficulties during the exam, and are unable to complete or submit it, please contact ITS at 914-773-3333 

4.      Please plan to take the writing placement exam no later than 11:59 pm the Friday before your orientation.  Set aside 90 minutes to complete the exam.

5.       When you are ready to take the test, please copy and paste the following address into your web browser:


Guidelines for Taking Pace University’s English Placement Exam

1. There is no such thing as failing this examination. Your results are used to place you in a course that will help you be successful. Just do your best.

2. You are expected to complete the test independent of any outside assistance. You are not permitted to use the internet for any purpose other than the submission of the test. This is not a research paper, and you will not need any outside research to complete the test.

3. It may be helpful to type the essay response first in a word processor program like Microsoft Word. When you are finished, the essay can then be copied and pasted into the response box on the website.