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Large Computing Systems (advanced)

Mainframe computer systems have been the cornerstone of the US economy for over three decades. Due to their high throughput and reliability, they are playing an increasingly important role in supporting the scalability and service quality of e-commerce operations. In addition, most of the major financial companies use mainframe systems to maintain their business data and to deliver services to their remote clients, or to integrate heterogeneous IT infrastructure systems across company boundaries.
The purpose of this program offered by the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems is to cultivate quality IT professionals who can maximize the use of mainframe systems to support their organizations. Graduates of this five-course program will be well-versed in the mainframe hardware/software environment and be able to install new server software, configure reliable server systems, and develop new mainframe applications for use in today’s server-based IT environment.



CS 612 Concepts and Structures in Internet Computing4 credits
CS 648 Introduction to Mainframe Computing3 credits
CS 644 Internet Computing with Distributed Components3 credits
CS 646 Enterprise System Integration with Web Services3 credits
Pick one of the following: 
CS 623 Database Management Systems3 credits
CS 631Q Grid Computing3 credits
Total Credits16 credits

Note: Students are expected to enter the program with a working knowledge of basic object- oriented Java programming equivalent to that taught in CS 606 Fundamental Computer Science II with Java and may make-up this deficiency by enrolling in CS 606.

For more information on this program, visit the Seidenberg School website.