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Network Administration (advanced)

As organizations become more dependent on the Internet and their computer networks, there is a growing need for IT professionals to provide support for administering all levels of the telecommunications infrastructure. In this five-course, interdisciplinary advanced certificate, students are taught to understand, manage, and integrate all types of networks including physical layer routing and switches through application layer servers.


IT 600 Overview of Computer Networks and Internet Technology3 credits
CS 634 Computer Networking and the Internet3 credits
CS 636 Optical Communications and Networks3 credits
IT 650 Telecommunications Management3 credits
IT Elective3 credits
Total Credits15 credits
Any student who wishes to pursue an MS in IT after satisfactorily completing the certificate requirements will be sufficiently prepared to matriculate in the program provided all other admission requirements are satisfied.*
* Any student who wishes to earn both an advanced certificate and an MS degree through the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems must take an additional elective beyond the stated requirements for each program.
For more information on this program, visit the Seidenberg School website.