Alumni Spotlight Fall 2013

“In high school I had multiple knee injuries and knee surgery.  Having to understand my diagnosis as a teen and my role as a patient as well as the role of the provider piqued my interest in medicine and healthcare.  I wanted to be the one giving the patient hope.”

Dan completed a clinical rotation in orthopedics.  He says Pace prepared him for his role in a competitive environment.  He says, “After the PA program at Pace, students go into high functioning medical practices, right out of school.” In fact, he was able to secure a job during his clinical rotation, well before he graduated.  His advice to current students is this: “Being a healthcare provider is a long road. The field is always evolving, so be prepared to be constantly learning and never resting.  Graduating is not the end; it’s just the first step.”

Dan found that his peers were always curious and yearning for knowledge. In addition, the students he completed the PA program with had integrity and honesty, two of the key attributes of good providers, according to Dan. “Integrity and good character trump talent,” he says. 

Dan is proud of his New York roots.  He went to Xavier High School and did his pre-PA courses at Borough of Manhattan Community College. He has been back to both schools to speak about the profession.  His aim is to get young students interested in basic medical knowledge and the PA profession. 

He also teaches at Pace, providing Orthopedic Surgery lectures.

He chose Pace as his school because of the high PANCE pass rates, the affiliation with Lenox Hill Hospital, and the location. 

He says, “Many of my peers are already chief PAs in their departments. This reflects on the caliber of the program at Pace that teaches character, leadership, and knowledge. It’s up to me and the rest of the alumni who went through the program to maintain its excellent reputation.”