Career Corner

According to Judith DeBlasio RN, MSN, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Clinical Placement and Recruitment Coordinator, one of the best ways for nursing students to get hands-on experience -- in addition to the clinicals they take part in as part of Lienhard’s program -- is through internships. 
In 2011, many Lienhard students took advantage of summer internship opportunities.  For example, Sarah Salmonese, class of 2012, participated in the 2011 VALOR program, a summer clinical residency designed to increase participants’ clinical skills, clinical judgment and critical thinking while caring for veterans. Sarah says, “The VALOR Program is an excellent opportunity to supplement my current nursing education, and expand my knowledge of the field.  I am looking forward to working with the VA staff on a medical surgical floor, to use as a foundation to build my nursing career.” 
In addition, three Lienhard School of Nursing students took part in the Summer Nurse Apprenticeship program at White Plains Hospital.  Sasha Gay Scott, Tamika Lumsden, and Camille Bailey participated in the seven-week apprenticeship program, observing clinical experiences, assisting with patient care, and acquiring nursing skills.  (They are pictured here with program coordinators Monica Purdy and Annie Norris)

According to Judith DeBlasio, “Hands-on experience is crucial for nurses to build confidence in their skills.”