Career Corner Fall 2013

Q: When nursing and PA students need advice on networking – particularly social networking -- what do you tell them about what it is and how they can do it effectively and how it can lead to employment?

A: We emphasize the use of Social Media as one piece of a successful networking strategy. Networking is critical in any job search. Clinical rotations, just like internships, facilitate meeting individuals in the field. We advise students to start networking early and to never stop.

Q: How does Career Services help students learn about networking/social networking?

A:Career Services has several resources for those who want to learn about networking. In addition to our guidebook, we also have tip sheets on creating a professional online presence. This type of “branding” works well in marketing your skills and experience. We also encourage graduates to utilize the Online Alumni Community. This password protected database has thousands of Pace graduates with employer and contact information. Many volunteer to be mentors. 

Q: If students are networking, but not finding work, what advice would you give them?

A: More networking! Actually, they should meet with their Pace Career Counselor for more guidance. I am sure many people have been in this same situation. They meet someone with a great job or at a great employer, and they start to talk. They talk about a variety of things, but important questions and next steps are not discussed. Individuals can walk away thinking “Wow, that person was so nice.” However, key career development questions were not covered. Plans for future networking with other professionals, joining professional organizations, and job search strategies were not discussed. Be patient, it takes time to build a network, and you should have it your whole career if you develop and nurture it properly.

Q: Can you talk about Linked-In and why students should use it in their job search?

A: Linkedin is a rich resource for networking and employment information. We have a Pace University Career Services Group on Linkedin which is open to all Pace students and Alumni. The more groups and individuals you connect with, the better. Linkedin has really become the “go-to” place to check out professionals, learn about companies and jobs, and network. We offer many resources related to LinkedIn on the career services website, including a tipsheet on steps to networking and building Pace contacts using Linked In

Q: Should students use Facebook in their job search? Should students modify their Facebook profiles as they embark on their job search?

A: I always say, Linkedin is the Professional Facebook. Facebook can be a great place to learn about companies and products, but it has more opportunities for inappropriate content, as it is a geared more as a social site. Always make sure that any content that you put on the web is appropriate for all audiences and that security filters are on if necessary.

Q: Does Career Services help with Linked In profiles?

A: Your Career Counselor will be happy to help you evaluate your Linkedin page. Just call our office to make an appointment: (914) 773-3415 for Pleasantville and (212) 346-1950 for NYC.