Career Corner Spring 2014

In our last newsletter, Kim Porter talked about networking and effectively using Linked-In as part of a comprehensive job search.  In this issue, Kim provides us with 5 steps to maximize your chances of landing a great job after graduation. 


  • Step 1 – Visit Career Services 2nd Semester Freshman Year

With help from career services, in your first year, you should write your first resumé and learn how to network using social media. Having a good resumé facilitates networking, which is key in career building. Think of your resumé as your advertising piece. You should consistently update it to reflect new experience, skills and coursework. 

  • Step 2 – Get Involved

Join one of the many clubs or organizations at Pace. Nursing students should attend SNAP (Student Nurses at Pace) meetings. You will gain exposure and build your resumé.  PA students and nursing students should attend events relevant to their field and join professional organizations as student members for access to possible mentors. The opportunity to learn about your desired career/job from those who actually do it is priceless.

  • Step 3 – Connect With Employers

Getting to know potential employers helps you lay the groundwork for future internship or full time offers. Many students volunteer at hospitals, nursing homes or in other health-related institutions to gain experience. It is a great way to obtain information about the field and the role you will play in it. Volunteering allows professionals to get to know your personality, strong-suits, and work ethic. It builds your resumé, but most important of all, it helps you get references from individuals actually working in the field.

  • Step 4 – Do Internships, Do Internships, Do Internships!

We already know that Pace students are the best. However, let’s face it, most students take very similar coursework, and do well! What experiences are going to set you apart? As you progress in your clinicals and coursework, you will become better prepared to do apprenticeships, internships, or externships. No matter what the experience is called, these types of programs help you get hired after graduation. Not only will you have the resources of your clinical supervisors and preceptor, but you will also have other healthcare professionals to help you learn about the field, current trends and future openings. Not all hospitals have programs of these types, but many hire their new employees from Patient Care Associate type positions. See if you can land that type of role in the summer as well. Your Career Counselor can assist you with the application process and essays that are sometimes required. You will be able to learn more about where you want to work and in which departments.

  • Step 5 – Stay Connected With Career Services Senior Year

Work with a Career Counselor to develop a customized full-time job search strategy and stay connected until you land that job.

Call Career Services in Westchester at (914) 773-3415 and (212) 346-1950 in NYC for more information about how to get started.