CEL Ribbon Cutting Pleasantville

The College of Health Professions cut the ribbon on our newly renovated labs on November 8.

These new labs allow students to take part in simulations that expose them to a range of scenarios so they know exactly what to do when faced with these situations in real life.  The labs also enable students to practice skills, familiarize themselves with electronic medical records, and prepare medications using computerized systems to reduce the chance of error.

The labs have the latest generation of human patient simulators (HPS), along with a video capture and playback system that includes camera feeds from the simulation rooms.  Videos are stored and viewed on computers, allowing faculty members to evaluate and debrief students on performance. Students may also review their own performance in scenarios, as self-reflection is a vital component to learning in the simulation environment.  Several of Pace’s clinical partners throughout the region will also use the space to develop and reinforce critical clinical skills required of health care workers. 

The new labs include a “control room” so students are immersed in simulations without faculty members having to be in the same room. This helps students suspend their disbelief and helps them to be fully present in the simulation experience.

Feedback from students has been extremely positive so far.


You can read about the new labs in the Westchester County Business Journal; click here for the article.