Center of Excellence

ALPS - Advancing Leadership, Partnerships, and Scholarship

College of Health Professions' Vision

Innovative leadership in education, practice, and scholarship for the health professions

College of Health Professions' Mission
Educate and challenge students for the health professions to be innovators and leaders who will positively impact global health care

Center’s Mission

In keeping with the College’s vision, the Center is dedicated to supporting the academic mission of the College through external funding, facilitation of faculty scholarship, student opportunities, partnerships, and leadership development. 

The Center provides opportunities for faculty to develop their scholarship in education, research and practice through a variety of partnerships at the local, national, and international levels, and access to internal and external funding. 

The Center facilitates student-centered learning experiences that further enhance the high quality professional education of College of Health Professions students to prepare them to embrace the professional challenges in health care in the 21st Century. The Center promotes leadership development in nursing and health care.

Services at a Glance

Student Opportunities
■ Financial support: scholarships, awards, graduate assistantships
■ Professional experiences: graduate assistantships, sponsorship to attend conferences
■ International student exchanges: travel courses, summer school, independent studies, Fulbright programs

Faculty Opportunities
■ Consultation to support faculty research trajectories through internal and external funding
■ Grant writing and submission
■ Award disbursement and project management assistance
■ Graduate assistants to support teaching, research, and special projects
■ International opportunities, research collaboration, lectures, conferences, and international organization memberships
■ Technology resources

External Funding
■ Grants management: pre- to post-award
■ Endowments: faculty and student awards
■ Development of funding strategies

■ Leadership development programs
■ Coordination with internal and external partners
■ Workshops, lectures, conferences

■ Program and research collaboration
■ Collaborative grant applications
■ Consulting opportunities
■ Lectures, workshops
■ Contracts
■ College of Health Professions Advisory Board
■ International exchanges
■ Community outreach