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The Clinical Education Labs at Pace's College of Health Professions create an active interprofessional learning environment which promotes intellectual curiosity and integration of clinical and didactic health care knowledge utilizing current effective technology in full collaboration with Pace University, the College of Health Professions, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners.

Core Values:

Collaboration.  Integrity.  Innovation.  Cultural Competence.  Scholarship.


The Clinical Education Labs (CEL) offer state-of-the-art resources on both Pleasantville (PLV) and New York City (NYC) campuses.  The CEL offers a variety of clinical focused learning opportunities ranging from fundamental skills to high fidelity simulation.  This is accomplished through the utilization of a wide array of methodologies including task trainers, Human Patient Simulators and Standardized Patients (actors who play the role of patients).  Hospital-like settings and clinic simulated environments provide students an opportunity to practice skills at basic and advanced levels across the curriculum. The CEL’s equipment and design replicate various healthcare settings including pediatrics, maternity, medical-surgical and critical care units.   Human patient simulators (HPS) including METIman, SimMan Essential, SimMom, SimJunior, and SimBaby allow students to practice skills, develop critical thinking and improve performance in a safe and nurturing environment through scenario-based educational experiences.  The CEL is equipped with video capture and play-back capabilities which encourage student self-reflection and opportunities to identify areas for improvement in small group debriefing sessions.