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Nursing students are on the cutting edge

Nursing professor Elizabeth Berro, MA, RN, PNP, is piloting the use of iPads in the classroom.  She says that in the near future, “The concept of the traditional classroom may lose its appeal and become extinct.”  So if a student can ‘attend’ lectures online, why come to class? 

Professor Berro is working to minimize the use of PowerPoints and traditional lectures, and incorporating more active learning for her students.  Her pharmacology students recently participated in small group activities using their iPads and nursing apps, and Professor Berro is already seeing results.  “In the past, students have done well, but it’s worth noting that this group scored highest on the standardized HESI pharmacology exam.” 

Berro’s students will no doubt continue to attend her classes with enthusiasm and excitement.  According to one student, Alicia Collen, "The iPad was an excellent learning tool: between the apps and using the Internet for a quick reference, it was a great supplement to traditional class time." 

Another student, Brandon Pace agrees, “Having iPads available to use throughout the past two semesters greatly enhanced my experience in the accelerated nursing program. I really enjoyed being able to quickly find pharmacology information through our apps, and having our textbook downloaded onto the tablet made it possible to complete assigned reading just about anywhere without having to lug around a huge textbook. I highly recommend their use to future Combined Degree Program students.”