Academic Regalia

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Commencement is going Green and traditional.  Traditional black gowns are also improving our efforts toward sustainability.  The traditional color of gowns at commencement has historically been black.  Pace had black gowns up until our celebration of 100 years.  In order to honor the institution and the special occasion, blue gowns were chosen. After receiving feedback from students who prefer the black and now that Pace is on its way into the next 100 years, it's time to go back to black to recognize the time honored traditions of a university commencement.

In addition to the color change, the quality of the gowns is improved.  In an effort to increase sustainability, Pace graduates will now be renting their gowns and not purchasing them.  Through a recommendation and support from the GreenPace Committee, we were able to work with Herff Jones, our commencement regalia supplier, to find a higher quality and nicer gown that students would rent in an effort to go Green at commencement.


To order your cap and gown for Commencement 2014 by March 16 2014, please go here: 





Bachelor's Gown and Hood

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Graduate Gown and Hood